The passing skies against COVID-19: 12/40 candles lighted

Yesterday, I saw black clouds, sun and snow, all in one day in West London! This was a celestial message for me. In the current global crisis, some of us will get the overcast but clouds are fickle, snow drops might hit your window but they would smash into a slush, some might be lucky to bathe in warm sun; and then there will be some of us who would get a mixed bag of all these natural phenomenon. So, the current calamity too is just a waiting game and in other words a very temporary phase of human life. Since yesterday my interest in clouds has turned into love. I am fascinated by the way clouds change their shapes and positions. May be this is the nature of coronavirus too, but it will pass just like the clouds. Anyway, so what’s the moral of this post then? Make anything from your surroundings your psychological mentor or coach for the day, as I have reiterated before as well. Change your inspirational guru every day to keep it interesting and effective. In my case it was clouds today and I know tomorrow I might be meeting a different guide. Look around, there’s so much to learn from amongst god’s creation. Every new day shortens the life of COVID-19 by one day. We shall all get ready for the funeral of the dragon called, coronavirus as it will be the greatest celebrations of Saint George’s day , Baisakhi or Dusehra or whatever day you would like to call it un-religiously. The incentive is in celebrations and instead of naming it by a yet another separatist term, let’s look forward to the enormous human celebration of unity and victory achieved by standing together, for once. Here’s to our victory against COVID-19 and mark it by joining me in lighting the 12th candle towards our mission. May Almighty bless us with life and peace  to live happily ever after. Amen

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