Fight the virus like a pet- 7/40 candles against COVID-19

My cat, my loving little Dutch, was purring and her tail was straight up and apparently it connotates an extremely happy pet. Dutch was my inspiration today – she is an indoor cat and yet has managed to keep so happy and excited. I thought I’ll spend the day by following my pet’s lifestyle to feel as happy and satisfied. Dutch munched on her simple breakfast, so I cooked scrambled eggs with toast for the family; Dutch was now ready to play, so I played with her as I love to muck about with this beautiful woolly cuddle. When she had enough, she went to the snooze town, giving me some quiet time to meditate. My tabby loves to get breeze over her perfect whiskers through the window gaps; and I absorbed the glowing rays of the sun in the back garden. While Dutch entertained herself with her toys, I was determined to retain my health with yoga. I read a book; I wrote my blog but mainly just chilled. It can be done- thank you Dutch for coaching me how to spend a pretty relaxed day with minimum social activities, which maximises my chance to shelter against the invisible enemy, by shutting it out.