How to churn out Positivity out of Negative cause  

Think about what makes us desire for anything – answer is, absence of something. When one feels the need for money, for example, it means there is scarcity of it. Scarcity is equal to depravity, and feeling of either of these thoughts stems from a very negative base. Yet it’s the thought of ‘need’ which bears desire, and to desire means evolving life. Stagnant life degenerates. Now, with this belief, let’s analyse how the negativity is washed out completely out of the process of desiring to leave the residue of pure positive emotion from which manifestation unfolds.  
The urge of depravity begets a thought to fill the gap with fulfilment of our need. This stage is most crucial to shape up the manifestation, or not. Thought evolves into emotion, which has a much stronger frequency than a thought. So, before a thought influences an emotion of negativity through overthinking, our conscious mind need to take complete charge pragmatically. ‘Tell’ yourself to think of an authentic action towards achieving your fulfilment. The concentration should be to charge energy into progressing your desire further, and not to encourage and nourish sentiments of self-pity or poverty in your mind. No time to stand still and think as brain has a propensity to freeze up readily unless you give this horse a squeeze to trot and gain speed gradually. Bacteria of negativity would grow rapidly in the stagnant water, impairing not just the taste but making its constituency stale too. The same thing would happen with your desire if you ponder too long on desire itself, without actually engaging the right gear and pressing on the accelerator to get going. So, to continue to move towards your goal is The Vital part of manifestation. This movement can range from finding another job or business, exploring your skills deeply and applying them appropriately, changing your current strategies towards time management, work and people; above all, must meditate to build your belief stronger and stronger. Meditation and introspection are like supplement, for a stronger and healthier mindset. Soon you would start to see your efforts – both physical and spiritual- sprouting results. The more this plant of action grows, the deeper the root your belief would take. Your responsibility is to nourish this plant consistently. In other words, you would be too busy to even think about depravity, poverty or any weaker thoughts. While you are flowing with your desire, you are moving closer towards manifesting it. So, don’t dwell on the negative aspects of your desire, rather engage your energy towards how best you could achieve your goal. This would lift your vibration and that’s all is the Universe expecting from you. Put your best foot forward and the rest would get done with Nirankar’s blessings. After all, God help those

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  1. Thanks for all of the good work that you do, especially this one. I also appreciate your likes of so many of my prior Revelation articles. When I finish the Revelation articles, I will begin a series of articles on the Daniel prophecy, which will tell us how we got to Revelation.

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