Law of Attraction: God created you, but it’s your responsibility to self develop

You’ll need to extend your hand to touch the light

The subject of our relationship with the Creator has been exhausted by various Philosophers and religious preachers, interpreting it in diverse ways. But for me, my curiosity wasn’t quenched until I experienced the emotions in my own heart.
In fact, my spiritual journey started with finding who was ‘Me’ and what God or Universe or Creator meant. The next segment of this journey was to discover the relationship between ‘Me’ and the ‘Creator of Me’. Creation is like a mother giving birth to a baby, a sculptor carving wood into a sculpture or a  painter painting the canvas, and so on and so forth. The closest analogy that resonated with me was the similarity between a mother and the creator. So, when I meditate I believe I am communicating with my Supreme mother, the Nirankar.  In fact, since the concept of the Supreme being is not gender-based; God is my spiritual parent- both the mother and the father.
Elaborating on the basis of the analogy described above, I shall continue to elucidate this relationship further. Imagine the parent coaching a child to ride a bike, after the initial push and support, the parent releases the child into the freedom of self-responsibility. In the same way, after a soul is reborn in a new body and takes the first independent step on the ground of his life, he walks on his two feet on the path he chooses for himself. Like a parent, the creator does guide and advise, but it’s up to the individual to adhere or not. That’s why it’s said that ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ The more one is receptive to Nirankar’s guidance, the safer our path would be. There’ll always be pebbles and holes on the road, but you could skirt around them without tripping or slipping.
Freedom of choice is our birthright, bestowed upon us by the Almighty Omnipotent. What we make of our life is based on the choices we make. To ensure that we’ve made the right choice, there’s only one supreme choice one could make, and the entire life would fall in place like a jigsaw puzzle – that is, Choose to listen to your conscious which is also the voice of the creator. Start with introspection and find your own self first, proceed to meditation to discover what and who is the supreme entity of your resonation, and then, believe in what you find. It’s an individual’s responsibility to develop own spiritual maturity, without which one is on a hamster’s wheel, running but reaching nowhere. Beyond that, it’ll be like floating on the Great salt lake, as God wouldn’t let you sink.
For more details about techniques to meditate and introspect, and about the concept of a Supreme Being, please refer to many of my other posts covering the subject matter.     

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