Laws of the Universe are the key to life and beyond

Life and beyond

It’s true that the laws of the Universe guide a person how to align with the ultimate Energy. This energy is also called by many other names such as God, Almighty, Nirankar, Bhagwan, Omnipotent and many more. But we ourselves are the medium that can make the spiritual alignment possible by connecting to our inner self first- ‘It’s through I that I meet my Maker’. We live in a society where spirituality is interpreted mainly through a religious context and that’s where the complexity begins- which religion is more right? And we get stuck in this quicksand- the more we compete with one another the swifter we sink rather than raise ourselves. This is mostly the picture we humans have drawn of our individual god- fighting and slandering the other gods!
It’s time to replace this canvas of dogmatic beliefs to paint a unified faith in one universe which is faceless and colourless.
This is where the relevance of following the laws by the universe becomes imperative. However, it’s vital to understand that it is not a case of a cult or another new religion being invented, nor is it an attempt to denounce any existing religions. Many people mistake Laws of the Universe as an easy substitute for their own religion which didn’t yield the desired results in life. Fact is not many people can honestly claim to have actually understood any individual religion fully in its real context as most of us have just accepted a lazier version of listening to the third party (mis) interpretations of the holy books which has created more misunderstandings and non-believers. The existing theology or the Laws of the Universe is not a magic trick, instead, it’s a spiritual science ( vaster than academic science) that is disciplined, logical and practical, hence also requires self-training. In fact I have understood my birth religion better after my acquaintance with the laws of the Universe, and I am still learning. As an example from one of the Sikh prayers, ‘Japji Sahib’, which I’ve recited my whole life but am only beginning to understand now. Japji Sahib(Name of the prayer written by Guru Nanak, the first spiritual teacher of the Sikhs) defines the Almighty perfectly, for me- God is ONE (not Sikh, not a Christian, not a Hindu or a Muslim but in the sense of the ONLY ultimate Power) and only oneness of humanity can align with oneness of God; It’s THE Truth; It’s the ALL doer and the Creator of all; It’s without fear or hate; It’s Timeless and has no beginning or the end, It’s not bound by gender, species and is outside the cycle of birth and death.
I am sure that everyone can find the almighty by understanding what really their religion is teaching, but we need to first connect to ourselves and tap in to the same frequency or wave length as the Universe itself by understanding the laws without prejudice. If we define our religions without institutionalisation and in synonymity with abstract form of the Universe, we can win the war against the ungodliness amongst the mankind.
There are 8 spiritual Laws of the Universe, as I believe and the Law of Divinity is the beginning of the journey where the Law of Attraction is the gravitational force of whole of Universe’s plan. I am still learning and would share my failures, my perseverance and my successes with my readers through my blogs.