Could Law of Attraction protect you against COVID-19?

I seek your protection, Universe

Fear is gripping the global heart currently but believe this- Dark clouds can cast a shadow over our life from time to time, but God always shines through a silver lining to all humanity. Plagues are not new to mankind, yet we as a species are still standing on our two firm feet with banners reading: ‘Thank you God for the gift of life!’ Let me quote a couple of real motivating historical examples: during the plague of 1590s Shakespeare wrote King Lear, one of his best plays while in quarantine; and Leonardo da vinci was inspired to design a new concept of a city following the plagues of the 15th century, as one of the preventive measures against future plagues. Quarantine presents a great opportunity to meditate and connect with our inner self, which is mirror of the Universe itself ( Ref: my previous two posts) . We don’t have to necessarily meditate with our eyes closed, but if we thank the Universe from first thing in the morning to the last thing at night, and as many times during each day for blessing us and our beloved family, along with all other cohabitants with life; then consider that we have meditated successfully and Almighty has heard. Amen. I would like to pray collaboratively with you all over the next forty consecutive days in the form of a prayer via my blog to seek blessings for a healthier LIFE for all mankind. Why 40 days? There is a special reference to number 40 in the spiritual realm, regardless of our birth religion. For example, reference to Jesus’s fast for 40 days to win over temptation, Hindu’s Hanuman Chalisa for positive energy ( prayer for 40 days), 40 Muktas in Sikhism or 40 chosen souls blessed with ultimate mukti or Nirvana, 40 days fasting in Islam, and to add, in numerology number 40 is considered to represent purification, purging and transformation. In short, we too can invent a way to wait, with hope and belief, for the grey clouds to pass and so we could all bask in the Mona Lisa smile of the sun, once again. Our Desire: Vanquish Coronavirus. Our collective action: Meditate sincerely over the next 40 days, with fortitude. Let the sky resound with our collective prayer. Believe that Universe will soon bless all of us with a healthy world again. Amen. Please join me to manifest by individually lighting first of the 40 candles today. Gratitude, Almighty.