How to fight COVID-19: Learn it from a child in 11/40 candles

I watched a post on you tube of a mum in self isolation and was talking about her boredom as a big challenge and looked sad but in the background her daughter was playing with toys and laughing- happy in her own world. I was awe inspired by the innocence of the toddler and it taught me a big lesson. If I want to be truly calm against the present adverse events, then I need to develop a child like innocence that I was once gifted with. The word innocence is by no means synonym with ignorance, but an ability to ignore selectively. The word is like a tree with many branches and leaves. Confidence, courage, happiness, contentment, and you can add many more positive adjectives of your choice from the dictionary to define innocence. In all these senses of the word, I thought I need to metamorphose myself into becoming a positive thinker and feeler. I turned the telly off as despite knowing what is going around in the outer current world, I didn’t want to spend my time counting the negativities. I meditated to absorb the thought that had enlightened my heart and tested myself with a question:  What is my biggest concern with coronavirus? My answer was obvious but with broader horizon- A general concern along with social responsibility is understandable but not to be self-absorbed with pensive micro-analysis of every situation. Almighty is telling me that if I and my loved ones have been protected so far, his/her blessings shall continue if I keep a relentless faith in the Universe. I believe this and am going to live in my inner present which will construct my future. So far so good and thenceforth. Amen. This thought brought a smile on my face, and then I was distracted when my husband asked me, ‘What are you smiling at?’ ‘ I am smiling at a great lesson that innocent child on the telly taught me,’ I replied. This is what I would say to anyone; take inspiration from whichever source around you and there is no social distancing from an insight. Hope you all find your innocent idol. May the Lord protect us all.