Make a new world to leave COVID-19 behind:13/40 candles

A prayer is that comes from your own heart. So, I’ve captured what I prayed for today.
Forgive us oh Lord, for we have lost our way in your world
But you are the forgiving god I love so much and trust
When my form gets small, your mercy turns capacious
Your compassion can absorb my fears and distress
Only you could deliver me out of this peril from abyss
Your world- my home, is in pain and needs your care
I submit myself to your grace and pray for your mercy
Your children are suffering the afflictions of own follies
We did lose our way in to the gluttonous wilderness
We barred the sun in covetous frenzy of self-conceit
We drained the oceans to suck out the last treasure
We wounded the earth that fed our hunger generously
Only you could lift the shroud of the evil fog so dense
May you infuse life back into the dead humanity, Lord
Hope we could be reborn as the children you intended
Guide us to make the right choices in the new Universe
where we would build bridges with no bars to shut out life
May we be the children of light and live in faith together
I seek your forgiveness on knees and with folded hands
Save us, save us, save your children to enter the new world
We make this planet a healthier home, a harmonious haven
Only if you forgive us all, we can start afresh by your will