Make me like a cactus my Lord: 3/40 candles against COVID-19

I shall bloom again with your love, God

When you think of cactus, what’s the first thought that occurs in your mind? Prickly? Aggressive? Hurting? Hostile? Yes, it has all these traits, necessary to preserve the good qualities in this beautiful plant. The spiky things are called spines and they protect the plant from predators, provide shade, help regulate temperature, reduce water loss and even help the plant to spread and reproduce. Well, that’s the kind of protection we all are hoping for currently amongst the plight. Let us consider quarantine or social separation as these spines, which is exactly what is required to avoid the predator of the plague, to shield mankind against the vicious exposure so life could sustain and flourish healthily, once again. We’ve all heard of the phrase- grow a spine, and it couldn’t be more appropriate than standing up to the common nemesis, yet another plague in new guise called COVID-19. We have in the past and we will defeat our foe together. I would like to add the most important strategy of our attack on enemy- pray and seek help from the omnipotent Universe.

My prayer for today- Make me like a cactus, my Lord, so I can stand unshaken in the desert of coronavirus and still survive against its hostility. It’s only with your love that I shall pull through and bloom on the beautiful earth that you have created.  Amen