2/40 candles against COVID-19- Bless us Universe

Save the Life you’ve created Lord

This is the second post in the series of 40, to pray to save life against the plague. Please join me as we are in this together. I’ve attempted to say my prayer in the form of a poem that my heart churned out through its beats at night.

I call upon thy many names In the hour of need, my saviour Lord. You always shower me in love and hold your child, my kind God. I dance to hasty rhythm of love like a peacock in the rainy cloud. Pasture through your luscious lawns then sing songs of my ego loud. I ask your forgiveness, Oh Guru Your generosities I remember now. I thank thee for the blessed favours with grateful heart I bow, I bow. Forgive and accept your child, Deva  Absolve me of my ignorance. I get it, I know it, I believe finally in the blissful merge of oneness. I pray thee for the protection of life That you created in your own image.   Save your children and their humanity I submit to you as my pilgrimage. Amen