Meditation is like quarantine: 4/40 candles against COVID-19

Isolation with own thoughts is meditation

Meditation is like quarantine within your own self; and in my views it’s the best form of curfew I could ever experience. So, while isolated in my own deep thoughts today, I realised that for Law of Attraction to work against Coronavirus, I need to do something transcending. Government and medical experts can tell us about the physical actions towards cleanliness, which we all must conform to. However, we need inner cleansing too for our mental health during these challenging times. So, I activated my positive thoughts and let the consequent feelings flow free as antibodies within my whole inner self: my mind, my sub-conscious or however anyone prefers to call this ‘self’ inside. I started with gratitude for seeing another day with my family in complete health. Then, I went through the album of life with only happy pictures of my family, friends, pets and myself – some airbrushing to magnify the beauty in these snaps is absolutely allowed; just as getting rid of some over exposed ugly pictures which are totally uncomplimentary to this beautiful life. After I had re-arranged only the gorgeous pictures and disposed of the clutter of washed out images, there was room made for new photogenic snaps. I felt a new enthusiasm for my life and sense of self-preservation. Keeping myself and family healthy is not an option, it’s the only way to shoot the whole beauty of being to get a perfect album of my life. However, I would like to absolutely add here that if someone is not feeling so well around you, then your positive thoughts will have a halo effect on them. Positiveness can be very contagious and happiness begets happiness. If you are own your own, don’t think you are alone as no one is entirely alone ever: we have our thoughts and feelings with us. This is where looking at the best pictures become relevant; and it will tingle the happy pulse that has temporarily dropped. Let us all get to this task of re-arranging our snaps- a well rewarding activity to fill quarantine. So, spend some time with your own self in isolation and collect the precious gems of happiness that time had buried in the mines of your sub-conscious. Remember meditation is a flexible action: you can meditate while washing dishes, playing with your dog or taking a stroll in the back garden or even in fact sitting in an aasna- entirely your choice; however, it should be uninterrupted and not amongst other distractions. Happy quarantine.