Antidote of gratitude to kill COVID-19: 10/40 candles

As per my daily commitment, I started the day by thanking the Universe for protecting me and my family against the pandemic; but it felt like a ritual as if I was on an auto mode to utter the mere words, ‘thank you universe……’ as soon as I had woken up. This didn’t feel quite right, despite enacting the popular prescription of LOA. So, what was missing? My ‘thank you Universe’ tasted like hot water without the tea bag. Yes, it was the feelings that were missing from the mix. Sometimes we repeat the same action or words to an extent that we become numb to its effects. This was a wakeup call for my faith. I meditated and this time felt my gratitude towards the almighty for keeping me and my loved ones safe. Since we appreciate the whole creation of the Omnipotent, I remembered to pray for the safety of all life on this beautiful planet. I recall an extract from a Sikh prayer, ‘Tere bhaney sarbat da bhala’, meaning, ‘Hey Lord, may your blessings be for the welfare of all humanity.’ I felt happy now, I mean really content with my sincerity of gratitude. These are unprecedented circumstances surrounding the whole mankind currently, but belief is what will get us through- believe in yourself first, believe in your maker and then believe the blessings of the merciful almighty. The best way to strengthen your belief is by way of a profound and honest gratitude. This is the time to express our appreciation for all the gifts we have been enjoying in life so far. We have been in the fast lane for so long, so now that we had to force park our life in the refuge area temporarily, let us use this time to relax, recover from the never ending round about hysteria and thank god for the safe journey so far and thenceforth. I am lighting the 10th candle of faith against COVID-19, and as usual, please join me. We shall sail through this temporary storm together. Thank you, Universe, we seek your protection; kindly save us from all the perils that threaten the very life you’ve created. Amen.