Build a bridge to fight against COVID-19- light the 9/40 candles

We’ll meet on the same side soon

I went to Tesco today for essentials, as haven’t panic shopped at any time- just wanted to add that proudly. You know what? I was so…pleasantly surprised to see a perfect collaboration between the shoppers and the Tesco management in applying compliance to social distancing. Everyone was methodical and patient while enduring almost half a mile queue. I felt a warmth rising inside my heart to see that we were responding to the cry for the human life. This picture of men and women stood out against the background of wars, territorialism, nationalism through consumerism, and inventing any excuse for standing separate discriminately against one another. I would like to think that the current purgatory must result in a grand reward for all mankind- and what can be greater than standing united to uphold ‘the’ life. Even though I am not a big fan of the term, purgatory in its meaning of ‘punishing’ the sinners, but do believe that the present suffering will inspire us to appreciate what we currently have and extract happiness from the precious simplicities of life, like fresh air, birds chirping in the clear skies, daffodils blooming in the right weather, to name a few. On the metaphysical level I so wish our planet transforms, on balance, in to more of a spiritual ( without religious reference) than materialistic society, where science is used to spread peace and create a harmonised global family of human beings as our creator had intended. We are on the right track so far-  keeping distance from our family and friends is painful, but I feel that this social distancing has created the necessity to invent an invisible bridge of bond between us with love, empathy  and   respect, instead of mortar and bricks. Let’s use technology for the peaceful purpose of keeping in touch and keeping well, from a safe distance. Even the darkest cloud can’t hide sun forever. Stay focused as there is a greater world beyond this temporary storm. Amen.