Climb the hill- 8/40 candles against COVID-19

Today, I feel like telling a tale. Plague had hit a village and the only safe place seemed to be the hill. But there was a problem- As per the popular legend the hill was home to a monster, who would devour anyone attempting to climb the mountain. It was for this reason that no one had ever dared to attempt climbing. Since there was no where else left to escape, the villagers gathered enough courage to run up the hill, but then there were those who were too scared to even think of such a perilous attempt. Also, since there wouldn’t be any food up on the rock, some decided to stay in the village just hoping for the best. Once up the hill, the villagers found that there was no monster, but sweet berries and apple trees amongst the mesmerising chirping of the birds under the luscious sun. They felt that they made it, in more than one sense. A few weeks had passed, and the villagers thought of the ones left behind. They tried to peep from the top, and saw a young boy looking up at the hill very sadly. He shouted with all his might to tell the villagers that the plague had gone but so did everyone else, leaving him alone behind. Everyone had tears in their eyes, so they plucked enough fruit and started their journey down. Once they reached the village, they offered the food to the hungry boy and started re-building the village. We may think that isolation is a monstrous hill, and no one says it’s easy but really that is the only ground that bears the fruit of life. Let’s offer this fruit to others by inspiring them with own example. Lets pledge to climb up together, so no one is left behind alone and those who are nervous of quarantine, just remember that they can still hear the birds, bask in the sun, consume what is necessary and thank technology that can still connect us to the world outside, from inside. Well, if religions could flourish on parables, then hope this tale could embed a belief in ourselves. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of life.

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