Select the right jar: 6/40 candles against COVID-19

It’s not an option but an ardent choice: ‘I will stay positive’. So I came up with a game for the family. I placed two empty jars in the sitting room with a small pile of coins and pebbles; every one was asked to put a pebble for every negative feeling or thought in jar A and all the happy thoughts to go in the jar B. I wanted to see how much negativity has been created in my household by the dastardly virus against the usual strength of poise. I must say, in the first 3-4 hours of the day there were more pebbles than coins. We all had a collective chat as a family which improved the coin situation a bit. Then my daughter skyped one her friends, as did my son call his cousin for a chit-chat. Result? My children came out of the room smiling and dropped a couple of coins in the jar B- brilliant! So asked the reason for this burst of happiness. What I understood was the fact that they had simply taken their mind on to something else that interested them. So, there it is again- as Law of Attraction will define the secret to staying positive, or at least as I have comprehended: Ignoring negativity is the best repellent against moroseness and consequently it helps to restore the equilibrium of mind and soul. Hence, I would emphasise categorically not to listen to the continuous whaling of the news channels. Taking precautions is sensible but getting obsessed with over thinking about the problem is detrimental to all the three elements- body, mind and soul. At least try- don’t leave any stone unturned to find every bit of happiness even amongst the crisis and it’s this antidot that will see us through, believe me. If anyone desire to hoard, then hoard on positiveness, and go easy on the supermarket shopping. Control the virus but spread happiness.                  

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