Make me like a cactus my Lord: 3/40 candles against COVID-19

I shall bloom again with your love, God

When you think of cactus, what’s the first thought that occurs in your mind? Prickly? Aggressive? Hurting? Hostile? Yes, it has all these traits, necessary to preserve the good qualities in this beautiful plant. The spiky things are called spines and they protect the plant from predators, provide shade, help regulate temperature, reduce water loss and even help the plant to spread and reproduce. Well, that’s the kind of protection we all are hoping for currently amongst the plight. Let us consider quarantine or social separation as these spines, which is exactly what is required to avoid the predator of the plague, to shield mankind against the vicious exposure so life could sustain and flourish healthily, once again. We’ve all heard of the phrase- grow a spine, and it couldn’t be more appropriate than standing up to the common nemesis, yet another plague in new guise called COVID-19. We have in the past and we will defeat our foe together. I would like to add the most important strategy of our attack on enemy- pray and seek help from the omnipotent Universe.

My prayer for today- Make me like a cactus, my Lord, so I can stand unshaken in the desert of coronavirus and still survive against its hostility. It’s only with your love that I shall pull through and bloom on the beautiful earth that you have created.  Amen    

2/40 candles against COVID-19- Bless us Universe

Save the Life you’ve created Lord

This is the second post in the series of 40, to pray to save life against the plague. Please join me as we are in this together. I’ve attempted to say my prayer in the form of a poem that my heart churned out through its beats at night.

I call upon thy many names In the hour of need, my saviour Lord. You always shower me in love and hold your child, my kind God. I dance to hasty rhythm of love like a peacock in the rainy cloud. Pasture through your luscious lawns then sing songs of my ego loud. I ask your forgiveness, Oh Guru Your generosities I remember now. I thank thee for the blessed favours with grateful heart I bow, I bow. Forgive and accept your child, Deva  Absolve me of my ignorance. I get it, I know it, I believe finally in the blissful merge of oneness. I pray thee for the protection of life That you created in your own image.   Save your children and their humanity I submit to you as my pilgrimage. Amen      

Could Law of Attraction protect you against COVID-19?

I seek your protection, Universe

Fear is gripping the global heart currently but believe this- Dark clouds can cast a shadow over our life from time to time, but God always shines through a silver lining to all humanity. Plagues are not new to mankind, yet we as a species are still standing on our two firm feet with banners reading: ‘Thank you God for the gift of life!’ Let me quote a couple of real motivating historical examples: during the plague of 1590s Shakespeare wrote King Lear, one of his best plays while in quarantine; and Leonardo da vinci was inspired to design a new concept of a city following the plagues of the 15th century, as one of the preventive measures against future plagues. Quarantine presents a great opportunity to meditate and connect with our inner self, which is mirror of the Universe itself ( Ref: my previous two posts) . We don’t have to necessarily meditate with our eyes closed, but if we thank the Universe from first thing in the morning to the last thing at night, and as many times during each day for blessing us and our beloved family, along with all other cohabitants with life; then consider that we have meditated successfully and Almighty has heard. Amen. I would like to pray collaboratively with you all over the next forty consecutive days in the form of a prayer via my blog to seek blessings for a healthier LIFE for all mankind. Why 40 days? There is a special reference to number 40 in the spiritual realm, regardless of our birth religion. For example, reference to Jesus’s fast for 40 days to win over temptation, Hindu’s Hanuman Chalisa for positive energy ( prayer for 40 days), 40 Muktas in Sikhism or 40 chosen souls blessed with ultimate mukti or Nirvana, 40 days fasting in Islam, and to add, in numerology number 40 is considered to represent purification, purging and transformation. In short, we too can invent a way to wait, with hope and belief, for the grey clouds to pass and so we could all bask in the Mona Lisa smile of the sun, once again. Our Desire: Vanquish Coronavirus. Our collective action: Meditate sincerely over the next 40 days, with fortitude. Let the sky resound with our collective prayer. Believe that Universe will soon bless all of us with a healthy world again. Amen. Please join me to manifest by individually lighting first of the 40 candles today. Gratitude, Almighty.

Mandatory step for Law of Attraction to work (stage 2)

Reach for your sub-conscious

Please refer to this blog in context of my previous post, ‘LOA started with frustrations and fears for me, stafe 1’, whereby I left my readers with the thought of finding oneself in the universe that exists inside us all; and that the search is imperative before even thinking of manifesting any desire. Further to that, let me elaborate what I meant by ‘finding yourself within’. We spend a lot of our time in thinking about people who only have a guest appearance in our drama of life, doing far too much that others expect us to do and saying things that we don’t really mean but we say to please others. In short, we waste a lot of our lives on others and deprive ourselves the prime attention that we deserve. Spending hours in self grooming for a beholder’s acceptance, sweating out to win the best employee’s badge, feeling the never-ending guilt to be the best parent, and of course striving to win all the other races in life- all this is motivated by our eagerness to impress others. So how does anyone decide what to desire and manifest to better own life, while having such an outward mindset? Simple- transfer into an inward-being by getting in touch with self  in order to zero in on what your heart really wishes for. After going through the initial frenzy of wishing and hoping an instant manifestation, I too soon realised that it was mandatory to first understand my inner self before even begin to understand what I actually desire and how to go about manifesting it. Here’s how I did it : I prepped by pledging that I would only focus on the truth about myself and my life without allowing any biased wishful influences to distort the reality I seek. I sat down in a quiet and comfortable place; then simply closed my eyes and my conscious-self began with a question, ‘ How will I describe my life so far?’ The roller-coaster of life ran like a movie in my mind, but only in a flash; and the instant feeling my heart released indicated that life overall has been a blend of some good and some bad. True, but isn’t that a generic normality of human life? True again- life is like a zebra crossing, painted with parallel black and white stripes. Now, I was getting a hang of this private chat with my inner self – believe me, it’s just like talking with your best friend. Yes, as simple as that….no complicated mantras or rituals to connect with yourself. It can be described as soul- searching, introspection or self- analysis. We all practise these mental exercises on daily basis but at a very elementary level of consciousness. Remove all partial defensive mechanism which we apply to justify ourselves or in becoming a victim, most of our life. Imagine you are having an honest phone conversation; and the trick is in letting this conversation flow without feeling that you are talking for the person on the other side too, a bit like solitary game of chess. If the response seem auto instant, and at times it makes you uncomfortable to accept what you are hearing from within, then congratulate yourself as your sub-conscious is in touch with you! But if you feel that the reply is somewhat exerted and you needed to think consciously about what should be the answer- then you are not quite connected yet. Try again and don’t give up. Also, don’t expect an alien voice from within- well, that’ll be proper spooky! No, the whole chat will be as quiet as our thoughts and feelings, yet communicating loud and clear. The evidence is in feeling it and knowing that what you’ve just realised is true and nothing but the whole truth. Next, it was time to analyse the worthiness of my life created by God and what I really yearned more of to enhance that life further. Some part of the self-realisation was encouraging yet a lot was an eye opener for me. For example, I recognised that while I was chasing the ‘next more’ part of life, I was also ignoring all that I already had ! This touched a nerve. What are the blessings that I had forgotten to count then? Well, I was alive, to begin with, and living amongst my beloved family, I was educated, I got promotions in my career, I had my own roof over my head, I was in not-so-bad a state of health, etc. etc. As the number of blessings augmented in my mind, I was beginning to feel happier, relieved and even grateful in my heart. Just then, a smiling whisper slipped my mouth- ‘Thank you God’. I felt I had finger on the pulse of my feelings, hiding in the dungeon of my sub-conscious, for god knows how long. But now the dust was wiped and my thoughts were clearer. I also became aware of many  follies in my existing thought pattern which motivated me to clear all clutter of preconceived notions about life. I went out for curry in our local restaurant with my family, something I had done dozens of times before, but for some reason I enjoyed the experience many folds more that particular evening. The launch pad for enhancing my life further was hereby set up. Gratitude to the Nirankar. In the forthcoming blogs my aim is to share each of the seven stages that I’ve discovered while practising the Law to manifest successfully. I’ll be discussing about the concept of desire in my next post. Objective comments from my readers are always welcome. Happy rendezvous with self. Till next week. Message: Sit your body down, calm your mind and let your conscious speak. What will speak back is your sub-conscious, also called the soul by many.

Law of Attraction started with frustrations and fears for me!(stage-1)

Connect with yourself and you’ll connect with the Universe

Universe has been described time and again by diverse LOA sources as pure science and a mathematical equation. This threatened my perception of a father figure, mother like, warm and kind, generous and forgiving picture of a great personified God. It felt like if I believed in the rediscovered Universe, I would be betraying the image branded on my sub-conscious by the cultural and religious influences, including my birth guardians. Every fibre in my body revolted against such a description of my beloved almighty. Universe is at the centre of Law of Attraction- well, it’s after all the Law of the Universe. So, I couldn’t proceed beyond this before I figured out how the LOA Universe could shake hands with My Universe. Since I was at the centre of all this, I started with myself- ‘Who exactly am I, especially in relationship to the Universe?’, this led me to also search, ‘What is Universe, in the most unbiased terms?’ Following the saga of perseverance, research through extensive reading, listening to the you tube pundits and regular meditations, I had a surprising self- realisation that revealed thus: * I am a complete Universe within myself- since universe has created me, and I share its DNA with the same energy flowing through both of us. * The Universe is space and abstract, something that science can explain; also, it’s planned and logical like a mathematical equation. However, it is a lot more than this- it is what you really believe it to be. Now, I realised that I had manifested my first desire successfully! I had found myself inside my own universe! I had stepped over the threshold to walk on the long road to manifestation. I would like to share with my readers a thought churned out of all my endeavours in exploring the spiritual reality so far- Message :One size does NOT fit all. What I found manifested itself as a feeling that I actually felt and a thought that I actually believed. So what you feel and believe would be your core self and your Universe. Happy experience. Work with your doubts to work through them.