Jump the sinking ship to escape COVID-19: Light the 26th candle of hope

Some say that the earth is healing while the plague is ravaging the mankind. May be in a simplistic way but I’d opt to differ as there’s a lot more to the act of Nature. We all are nature’s children, the birds, the reptiles and even the humans, however misguided their choices have been. But Universe is the parent of all the living and existing beings. So, suffering of its children can’t be healing for the one who bore them to life. Yes, the Universe is teaching the misgiven human sapiens but every time we deviate from our path the Universe comes finding us to guide us back on track. Universe is just being cruel to be kind in the long run, as any parent would tell you. The sooner we learn our lesson the quicker we get off the naughty step. We are in a shipwreck, where the man-captain has ordered to steer towards the iceberg.
If any of our fellow beings who are letting us down, are the ones who sow the seeds to all this evil harvest- the imperceptive politicians and the befuddled money dealers! I have been disheartened and almost scared of some of their sinister plans amidst the plague aimed at saving money at the cost of lives. If the airline is grounded the chief would order the poor fleet to handle the virus without PPE or even training, while the bosses work from the safety of their homes, Representatives of the public push men and women to dare the plague in the name of being the key workers, while shamelessly asking for a monetary compensation for their own confinement to safety, and there are many more examples of such brazen actions by the immoral so- called leaders of the society all around the world. Well-being of a common man can’t rely on such soul- traders, but in the honesty, brotherhood, patience and determination in an average heart in every home, in every street and in every nation.
This is an opportunity, the only time for the faceless men and women to get that recognition not for the medal of manmade gallantry but in the form of blessing from the omni-Sovereign, the Universe. Our hope lies in true chivalry of character, like Captain Tom, the key workers and every being that honestly clap in solidarity and gratitude to them. Mother Universe is testing her children, we must rise to her expectations this time. Restore our humanity and jump the sinking ship of capitalism as the shore to salvation is closer than we think. Our mother is suffering too to see her children hurt, so hurry and help to put an end to this global misery by believing that humans are humans so long they remain humane. Let us submit to the  benevolent will of God rather than follow orders of the bumbledom to our own graves. Join me to light the 26th candle to our redemption.

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