Peace be in with a shout: Light 28/40 candle of memory

Rekindle your memories for the lost love

I would like to pay homage to all the loving dear ones whom we have lost through Corona virus and other varied causes. We all feel the same pangs of love and we all embrace one another for solace. This is one human behaviour I hold in reverence. Lets light the 28th candle to our dear one’s life. A group hug through my poem:
Today is the day to think of a dear life lost
Raise a glass with me in their honour to toast
No one dies totally you can ask any science
They beat in our hearts, in thoughts embossed.
My sister, your friend, someone else’s mum
Gone forever, as would say our mind glum
But they live in the memories we keep ignited
‘Come in my dreams, you are always welcome’.
Some lived a full life on a happy roundabout
Yet others were chased for an early sign out
Sadness we must lose to celebrate their life
Accept God’s will and peace be in with a shout.