Fetch the lost jewel from the abyss to vanquish COVID-19: Light the 19/40 candle for your belief

Such a fair gathering for the International Animals Conference- but not as huge as before. There was tiger, rhinoceros, elephant, and many more land animals along with eagle, parrot, sparrow and countless other feathered beings from the air space, who congregated around the bank of the ocean to meet with crock, shark, dolphin, and numerous more of water denizens. The main issue on the agenda was the global congestion caused by the human population, described also as vermin by few activists. The complaints varied from encroachment on to all the three animal territories to insufferable carnivorous activities of most mankind who were also choking the world with strange smoking soot, blocking the passing winds with huge concrete nests and blasting the sea waves with their destructive toys. Not just that, but the species was also killing one another with gluttonous fires and cowardly ambushes. So, one wise thought of the congregation was that they should be patient till the whole human species kill each other; but another voice protested against the unendurable misbehaviour of man which was endangering life of millions of nationalities in the animal kingdom, so humans must be counter attacked. The vociferous resound of their disgust against human beings was subdued gradually as any method even the best brain amongst the animals thought about retaliation was limited by their sense of reality and instinct. Animals could only act as per the strict guidelines by Nature. Thus the consensus was that only the spiritual intervention can force the human malevolence to retreat. As they all sat head down in dejection, God appeared and asked them the reason for their defeatist stance and they all said that even if they formed one united army against the aggressors, the human population exceeded theirs and there were only few animal warriors amongst them anyway. God smiled and asked again, ‘So who amongst you are not the warriors, tell?’ ‘Those mostly are the regular preys for the human appetite, Lord.’ God spoke, ‘Then I shall ask these poor victims to unleash their hidden power I blessed all life with and aim it in self-defence as the motive holds the gavel of justice. My command was to obey the sense of equity and love I placed in every living heart, but man has plucked the moral jewel out and thrown it into the abyss of cynicism. Now he must be lowered into the same abyss to fetch that jewel back. I am the parent, so I teach even the hard lessons but remember I also love all my children. Enough life is taken by man’s anarchic hand; now I bind that hand to save my existing children.’ All animals looked at the Almighty in awe, without batting an eyelid and thanked him for the deliverance. I too thank the Guru, my Nirankar, the Almighty to remind me to save the jewel of fairness and love in my heart to preserve life. We will be rescued against COVID-19 as God himself is here to protect us, just believe and live.