Poor vs Rich against COVID-19: Light 21/40 in hope

I have heard enough stories about only poor people who have died at home due no resources to get them the medical help on time, there is shortage of masks so the government advise that there is no need for it, transport drivers dying as unsung heroes, Doctors and nurses losing their lives in the line of duty yet no PPE or even tests, and it goes on. On the other hand, politicians are amongst the first people to be tested – I can die if there are no doctors, but I can bloody well survive well without a politician. I am also not talking about ‘one or the other’ sort of justice but fairness for all. If there is scarcity, then prioritise but sensibly according to the need not privilege. Also act quickly rather than procrastinating a healthy decision in balance with accounts. We are living beings, not numbers; so, add and multiply the lifesaving benefits rather than subtracting equipment that can save lives and stop dividing us based on our economic status, along with all the rest of diversity. I would say to the elitists- ‘If you haven’t learned a single lesson from the current situation, then it’s only a matter of time when eventually you will drive your horses off the cliff. But there’s still time, wake up and join the common mass of men for united we stand, as always.’ I have locked my current feelings in the poem beneath and for our unity against the common enemy, I light the 21st candle of hope. Please join me.
The privileged will fight but with their tender hand in glove
Like digging the numbers precious with gorget advantageous
As not felt by the masses who dare to live with just moxie
Yet be called the common man, disparagingly by the shielded.
To be on the frontier line, seeing eye to eye the enemy invisible
Who kills with the same hand the rich, the poor and the elite.
Should we see it as more Just in its blind killing spree fair?
Or conquer the foe to learn our divisive ways so cruel?
Some men grasped the art of greed and make a killing with it
As the ordinary man is ready to fight the war most extraordinary.
The opulent fight from behind the guarded walls so tall and broad
While the man in the dust hide in the bush with no masks, no shields.
The weapon of safety might arrive late but we have lives to save
So fight with brain before brawn is gained and change the battle plan.
Not yet the time to march the field, so, dig deep a trench to wait  
As the common man must self-restrain, stay low before he shouts.
We will win the battle and the war to fly the flag for commonalty
Those who call us ordinary, we will also save without prejudice.