The Law of relativity can make us stronger in its spirituality- the 27/40 candle

God is the only ultimate energy

If someone had said to me a few years ago that I would hold science as reference to my mystic beliefs, I would have just laughed at the notion because my faith existed in the theories that were passed down from generations to generation without questioning their logic, relevance or in fact the truth. Even though I still believe that science might be a part of the spiritual plan and not the other way around, I thank Albert Einstein for his theory of relativity because it explains the law of metaphysicality unambiguously. My reference to this ideology is in spiritual context only as I am not a science guzzler kind of an academic. So, I am actually fascinated to write this blog.
AS per Einstein’s theory of relativity, E= MC2  and according to this formula, Energy is equal to Mass times C or speed of light squared. So, Mass or matter can be interchangeable with energy only  through its association with the fastest velocity that can move an object in a vacuum. As I’ve understood the most powerful factor in this equation is the motion of light in a straight line which can speed up even a small amount of mass to become a massive energy.
Now, I equate it to my understanding of spirituality- when my physical form is grounded in a steady (the straight line of the light) meditative state ( the vacuum) it would unite my body, mind and soul to vibrate at once to connect me with my inner higher self. When this vibration speeds up further by consistent focus, an immense energy is created that taps into the ultimate power of the Universe. So, if the tiny mass of my life ( Einstein’s M) vibrate at a high frequency ( Einstein’s C but in relative terms), I would become a part of the supreme energy ( Einstein’s E) created in the process. But why just a part and not the enormous energy itself, as per scientist’s formula? Here’s why- Einstein also showed further that nothing that has a mass can ever reach the speed of light. And taking this statement as entirely complete, I deduce that it’s expressive of truth even in the spiritual sense- The frequency of the Universe is like the speed of light, that nobody can actually reach but can get closer to, like feeling the breeze of the whizzing whir, which we call the divine connection. To orbit around this spinning light is enough – it’s like the earth orbiting around the sun can feel its life giving warmth without the possibility of actually entering in to the massive ball of energy. Electricity is another example; circuits draw only  the amount of current that a circuit can handle for its efficiency. That’s why I believe that the Universe has created man in its own image ( I differ with scientific claims in this context that matter can’t be created but I agree that our soul cannot be destroyed) in a way of blessing us with the same energy but in tiny measurement and when this baby dosage of energy is unleashed to its greatest potential it’s enough to manifest any possibilities in the physical life. Becoming ‘one with the creator’ or the Nirvana starts from where manifesting the worldly life stops and the Akal Purakh or the timeless Supreme being embraces the mortal life in its own fold ; I am not talking of death here either; its transformation of one’s entity instead- however, this is a topic for another time.
So getting back to the purpose of this blog, the human beings can be wholly the Mass in Einstein’s theory as the matter is enhanced but can never become interchangeable with the speed of light.  Now, staying true to my belief, I also draw a deviation from Einstein’s science at the last point – Mass cannot be interchangeable with ‘the’ energy either in the celestial plan. God has created a mini universe within me but I can never be the  supreme Universe itself. Now, how to get into the vacuum to be swept up by the vibrating high frequency to be touched by the Universal energy  ? Here I would stress once again that just by sitting our body in a yoga posture isn’t enough to raise our vibration, we need to make the mass of our body, mind and soul as one to the extent that the vibration thus caused becomes an innate part of our existence. So, sweep your mind of all the rubbish preconditions and focus. Meditate even when you see nothing, practise more if you fail to rein in the wild horses of thoughts, persevere and try again and again. Once you can only feel your focus on the desired purpose and nothing else, hold the moment and prolong the feeling of excitement. Practise regularly and when you are there, you’ll know it within and manifestation of your dreams will commence. At this stage, you’ll feel that you are always connected with the universe even while going about your daily life, like watching tele, taking a walk, cooking and so on. I’ll give you an example, today I received a positive text message from my sister about her being safe during the current lockdown and I was ‘silently’ thanking God within, while the family was watching a movie . Suddenly, my daughter asked me as to why I was smiling? I wasn’t even aware of it! When you are connected to the supreme energy through thoughts and feelings, the glow would reflect through you unawarely. I consider this connection as meditation with eyes open, however, I also meditate in the traditional sense to ground myself on daily basis. So, you have a choice.    
This self- training requires resilience and the progress is gradual in most cases. This is normal and accept it. It’s not as easy as many of the self-acclaimed LOA pundits make it sound- simply desire, expect and manifest! For more details you can refer to my previous blog ‘Law of Attraction started with frustrations and fears for me’. At first the voyage might seem like climbing a mountain, but with belief, determination and clear attentions, the mountain becomes a hill , then a little mound till you kick the last pebble with the support and strength blessed by the Omnipotent itself.
So, how is this post relevant to my 40 candles vigil in the face of COVID-19? Well, we have the time and the opportunity as never before in life to practise for the ultimate success and once we can feel the warmth of the Universal sun, our life would be protected from plagues for ever after. Thus, start now and raise your vibration to receive the spiritual blessings. Join me to light the 27th candle for the holy guardianship.            

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