Help one another before we unite to fight COVID-19: Light the 18/40 candle in solidarity

I was reading a fellow blogger’s post, in which she has described how busy her local park was with old faces in the new jogging fervour from her neighbourhood. I balanced this account against the golden advice of keeping fit. In my views good health means a balance between the body and the mind, until we add soul to transcend the concept of health to spiritual wellbeing. For the sake of this post, I’ll stay with the body and mind notion. With the lock down equation, the only solution would be to divide days between physical work out and mental aerobics to hit the perfect eurythmics. What will that achieve? Well, complete health along with easing bodily congestion in the sharing outdoors. I’ve made a time table for myself, and since I’ve already have had my walking session yesterday I spent today in expressing my internal mojo- bhangra to a Punjabi dhol music – best work out, maximising rewards in shorter time- just as I love it. Then I continued with writing my second book- once it’s matured to a weaning age, I shall define my baby to you all but currently it’s still lactating. I am completing my blog post for today before starting my selfless job as the family chef. I wish the runner who took my space by the roadside today a virus free health. My daughter asked me as a matter of fact sort of way that how would people spend their time if they don’t have any hobby. I told her with the matching pragmatism that these are the unparalleled times in the history of most currently living beings, but as species we are lords at adapting to new situations and constructing facts out of imagination. Everyone is good at something and now is the time to dig deep down to scoop out the buried talent. In my case, I can’t sing so I dance; I can’t run so I walk, I don’t paint realistic style so I paint semi-realistic and abstract- in short, run past your incapability and find your mojo. There are millions just like me along with all the diverse arts and hobbies people have or can have- gardening for outdoors or picking up your favourite book of the shelf or eBook, even if it’s your first ever literature. In short, use your imagination and I can assure you that there is a whole lot of treasure buried inside everyone of us. Now is the best time to explore your own potential. Happy digging and stay safe. Join me to light the 19th candle to outshine the plague. Help us God in our determination.