Let Law of Attraction manifest the end of COVID-19 for you: light 15/40 resolute candles

I remember my dad saying to me once, ‘You shouldn’t miss a chance to learn even if it’s a lesson taught by your enemy.’ Reflecting on my list of non-friends, I would say that the most helpful lesson always comes from people who do not have your best interest at heart- it might seem a juxtaposition but so are most of the realities of life. Coronavirus is not an exception in this regard. I reflected on what lessons our nemesis plague has taught me and hopefully to my fellow mankind unintendedly.  Here’s my list:
* Natural calamity does not discriminate against colour, social status; royalty, politicians, celebrities and that small common man in the street, are all open to the same attack. Wow! Why did we have to learn a simple lesson of equality in such a hard way? * We should not take anything for granted in life, our freedom for example. Relish your freedom but don’t take liberties with it * Appreciate every crumb of happiness, like having coffee in a café. Happiness and greed are two conflicting entities. Don’t try to force yoking together two repulsing emotions. * We all require an emotive recharge with social interaction, like giving a hug to your friend. Mingling with fellow human beings comes with the responsibility to respect one another’s personal space to ensure the all round wellbeing. * Family is important; and so is spending time with them. So, don’t consider lockdown as being locked in. Even if you are in self isolation by yourself, it’s a chance to be with yourself as you have a big catch up to recover for the years of self-neglect due to outwardly occupations, which some refer to as responsibilities. I believe that charity begins at home. * Take only what you can consume, toilet rolls, for example (: not to mention corporate level of avarice at a socio-political scale. *  World only exists if you are alive- and we all are examples for this philosophy.  Life of our planet and every living being in it exists on a balanced scale of harmony. You don’t have to kill others in greed of life for just yourself- imagine a world where only you lived in isolation. Now that quarantine would be fatal for the soul.
A wise person understands more from few words; so, I shall leave your wisdom to take over from here. Reflect on your own individual list and really feel how each enlisted item impacts your outlook on life.  It’s only with such an insight gained that we could show our advisory that we are now even stronger, armed with the knowledge of truth and our new alliance with the Universe. Let us focus together and desire for life in consolidation. Believing in your own life will terminate coronavirus as an inference.  Remember only the Universe must plan ‘the when’ and ‘the how’ of the annihilation of plague and our redemption. If your belief in your desire is resolute, then the Almighty is already planning to open doors to the new founded free world for you. So, happy cataloguing your lessons- it’s an opportunity not a tedium. Hopefully you’ll all join me in lighting the 15th candle to manifest healthy mental and physical life. We stand in solidarity in our resistance to COVID-19.   

Only the omnitruth can fight COVID-19: lets light the 14/40 candles

After meditation today I felt an inspiration dawning upon me, which I would like to share with you all. Part of my upbringing acquainted me with the concept of trinity in spirituality – Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience; and this might not necessarily resonate with all the religious literalists. I reflected on its relevance in Law of Attraction, which is based on the principle of attracting whatever one feels and thinks. This makes the ability of our heart and mind the ultimate power within. Dreams are the projection of life in the form of incessant series of abstractions and they infringe our sleep. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that as living beings, we don’t truly ever sleep. Whether in our awareness or semi-conscious state, we are attracting choices which carve our destiny continuously. We might have interpreted this as an attribute of omnipotence to human beings. Furthermore, we measure the sky and earth and beyond with our thoughts and feelings, and this is called imagination but does that mean we are omnipresent in our own right? Such an assumed and amalgamated power pours in to our sub-conscious or our intuitive soul , hence understood by many as our omniscient entity. Many among us believe to have become an epitome of trinity through this erroneous equation and mindset. If we are such a paragon of might, then where does this place our creator, the God? Well, I deduce that it’s only the Universe/ the Nature that truly is the nonpareil in all power, even though we could have some amount of all the three potentials inherited by dint of being the creation of the OMNI-creator. However, as LOA states that while we can generate any wish, the Just-Universe reserves the right to judge our actions towards the desire which in turn decides what would be manifested. How and when the offspring of our desire would be delivered is also unequivocally planned by the commanding Supreme. This invincible energy can be described as the Sun which induces life and warmth in to all the beings; while each recipient absorbs a partial ray of energy, but the process of ingestion doesn’t make every individual a Sun itself. I am created in the image of my maker, but I can function only through using the power infused in me by Ek Onkar (one with everything) Akal Purakh (Timeless and Complete power). We must remember we have been allowed a freedom of choice and action but within the discipline of righteousness. I believe that it’s here that mankind took a wrong turn by thinking that ‘we’ are the trinity of an anarchical power and there are no bounds to our aspirations. Consequently, what we have manifested is divisive ego and greed with frightful consequences; and all our very own doing. We have flown but just too close to the sun and our wings are now feeling the heat. There is still hope despite on the descending flight; only if we recognise our misguided errors and promise to abide by God’s will from thenceforth. May merciful god forgive us and embrace us once again. I am speaking of humanity as a collective entity here, and accept that many of us are already in the shelter of the Omni-benevolence. Let us light the 14th candle together to redress the world of our making by choosing wisely for the rest of our existence. Lord, lead your misguided flock and protect us against the oppressing pandemic. Amen.