Law of Attraction can help you to find the new strength from within: Light the 40th candle to the revelation

Since it’s the 40th post in my pledge to light 40 candles as vigil in the wake of pandemic catastrophe engulfing the world at the moment. I’ll start with my heartfelt condolences to the families who have lost a dear one to Corona and political bungle. However, I am confident that all these souls have been received warmly by the Omni Lordship. Amen.
In this post, I would tell you the story of my emotional, mental, physical, artistic and spiritual development and I’ll share how my thoughts, my resolution, my actions developed during the course of lockdown including how it all fared in balance with my spiritual belief.
When the news about the new corona virus became real and I started hearing and seeing the deadly impact of the modern day plague, I thought the current mankind is living through a world altering history. Initially, I did feel a few tremors of fear especially when even the scientists and best brains around seemed as shell shocked with the alien virus and everyone seemed none the wiser. The core message of Law of Attraction assisted me to re-focus and pull up my descending spirits before sinking further in the quick sand of global pandemonium. It was time to entice positivity from every nook and cranny of my heart and hold it in a tight grip.
I narrowed down to my own existence first and thanked the Universe Akal Purakh (timeless energy that never dies, i.e. God) for my life and then this became my routine. As I grew more confident to stay alive I extended my prayer and gratitude for the life of my family and to this day I continue to be grateful for the Almighty’s blessings. As I progressed in to my focus for life and wellbeing, the selfless urge to ask for the welfare of my faceless and nameless fellow humanity knocked at my heart, in line with a Sikh prayer asking God for ‘Sarbat da bhala’( may all be blessed with prosperity and bliss). I have written about when you know to pray for others and when not to in an earlier series of a post, ‘Charity begins at home’.
My first thought towards new adjustments was -‘ There is need to alter our focus: stay positive against the gloom ridden winds’. This not only helped me to ground my flicking mind, but also gave me conviction to stay safe to save others. Now this was worth attracting a manifestation. Thence on, I knew my quarantine was well planned and remains so to the day. My mission has been to motivate others too, if I could, or at least tickle a thought in another mind to stay optimistic amidst the gloomy fog. From the comments and views I have received so far; it has further strengthened my belief to stay put on the path to believing in hope. This requires self-discipline and comprehending value of life outside your own.
Further adjustment is like towing a mountain load of responsibility on each of our shoulder to ween off the addiction to lethal consumerism; it is liking devouring without real hunger while there is starvation in another part of the world. Any change is only possible if we, the spoilt brats of human race, are willing to put a dent in our consumerist-debauchery. There is a whole new adjustment the human race needs in order to reset a fresh mindset. It’s not easy but no great achievement has ever been. Desire for this goal and the blessed Law of the Universe would manifest our dream for a wholesome new home, our planet.
On a light hearted side, I’ve spent quarantine by exploring my hidden skills- I can paint now ( a few water colours are attached above) and have revived my dormant talent for dance. I had created a mental barrier of age ( yes, I am in the prime of middle age life), random aches and pains and social rules to stop dancing gradually. This also had locked me in a dark closet of demoralisation, until quarantine rescued me to focus on myself and resuscitate my inert abilities back to life. I also experimented with gourmet cooking and my foody family has rewarded me with the title of ‘ Best Chef Mum.’ I hope my readers have similarly quarried many a jewel from within. All this have further strengthened my faith, my belief and my trust in the benevolent power of the true Omnipotent.          
I am thrilled to close the vigil on a positive note – Those of us who have been bestowed with the gift of life through the continuing storms of hungry virus, we owe a tremendous gratitude to God and commit to a promise to do all to preserve own life and contribute towards regularising our planet’s heart rhythm too. How? By activating every intention within our force of will to make healthy decisions as way of life and live happily ever after. If every individual cognizance is sprinkled with holy water of morality before engaging in to action, I think we’ve kept our promise to the Almighty to do the right thing. We need to take the reins of our conscience in own hands and not be steered by a corporate remote control. It is as simple as the words written here, and will be as easy as said provided we are committed to change the way we choose- stay with the old mobile phone and discover a new model of YOU instead, Eat simple that is healthy instead of costing unnecessary life to feed our gluttony, Earn enough for yourself and family and not build an empire for the foreseeable progeny, and so on. Pick your preference and stick to it. When we’ll do this, we would add another brick to construct a better world for ourselves and hence, for everyone else.
While practising being the righteous beings, keep safe. We’ve come this far together; we can sail through rest of the waves of Corona too. Please join me to light the 40th candle to celebrate ‘finding own new strength from with in.’       

Knowing is not doing: Light the 39/40 candle to Act right behind the right Desire

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I strongly feel that we all need to take more responsibility than passively depending on the selfish social controlling machine, more than ever before in the history of mankind. Be more spiritual by making the right choices in life. I have cooked all my feelings amongst the current state of affairs in a cauldron of my heart and am pouring it out to share the feast with my readers. Bon appetit.
Greed is like a cracked pot
Never consummates its thirst
Yet gobbling down the seas
Devouring the forests off

their blood, flesh and bones
Then comes along a hungrier
Beast from the wilderness
Ravishing all, in its frenzy to kill
No matter who, what and where

The pot needs to be fixed with
Its splits filled with contentment
Gratitude and appetite appeased
Become formidable without politics
Be a glutton for planting a tree
Avarice for conserving the earth

Appetite to help others selflessly
Fight Covid by preservation of life
Precious,  peaceful and prejudice free

Need new perspective post Covid-19: Light the 38/40 candle to new life

We are in the middle of plague ridden times and the only hope out of this deadly engulf rests on every man and woman’s shoulder, apart from medical assistance obviously. Frankly, I am appalled and bored by the political rhetoric of Internalisation ideology dividing the world further, as if there is dearth of preconceived prejudice in human society already. We hear the covid plague being the biggest challenge to the mankind after the WW2 in modern history, but we’ve forsaken the lessons supposed to have been learnt already – Cooperation, Peace and Humanity. Instead, we still hear hyperbole of war and violence to over compensate aggressive nationalism. Nationalism is a very honourable sentiment which is dignified only without wild hatred for others. The thought pattern must alter to rehabilitate our mindset, for example, by understanding the real message of ‘love thy neighbour’ without hating someone else’s neighbour. It’s not surprising that the opportunist and warmongering world leaders are playing anarchic demigods in the name of policing the planet. However, what is vital here is how we the ‘ordinary’, the ‘common’ people play our part in this game. We can either join this self-dooming manipulation or stand together in resistance, and by that I mean changing the choices we make practically in our day to day life – cutting down on unnecessary pollution triggering tools in the name of convenience, using electronics for need rather than addiction, not using cars as a substitute for walking , taking responsibility for own health rather than burden the NHS due self-inflicted afflictions, etc. This would limit the corporation profits and starve the greed of the monstrous life munching mega machines around the world.
The best aspect of this collective action by us would be that it’s the most peaceful and silent protest against the material acquisitiveness.
However, this sociopolitical influence would only change with spiritual development.
Grounding yourself does not only mean calming down physically but it also means to connect you with your inner self. Once you passionately seek to find the real ‘you’, consider that you are grounded and the next progression would enable you to honestly recognise your vices in their raw state. Why vices? It’s because individuals have a tendency to cover up their follies outwardly and when this becomes a habit, we start believing in our own lies. We must achieve the truth about ourselves before recognising the falsity about material world around us.
You would now be ready to have a personal chat with self to sincerely seek ways to overcome the shortcomings and to your pleasant expectation, I assure you, the remedies, the answers and resolutions you seek would begin to flow. Before you know, you would be enticed to undergo this experience over and over again. Self-reflection is the stage of connection with your deeper self at the sub-conscious level. You are ready to make the right choices now with unclouded mindset. Anything is possible when we put our determined thought to action, as mere knowing is not doing. Resist spending your energy on supporting or opposing the political parties or personalities; instead, conserve all your power to raise your own vibration. So, lets get to work, we have a whole new world to build. Light the 38/40 candle to begin the auspicious task.

Charity begins at home: Light the 37/40 candle for your own safety against covid-19

You are your own world

Charity begins at home, is not just a literary expression first used by Sir Thomas Browne; it surely has a spiritual connotation too. As beginners on the spiritual voyage, as most of us are and might remain for life, we need to achieve that level of celestial realm where we can manifest own desire first before wishing for the world. Here, I would like to draw a demarcating distinction between ‘Desire’ and ‘Wish’. We can wish well the planet, as we should, but we can’t desire what we ourselves want for every individual on the planet too. Some people think that it is selfish to desire happy life just for themselves and it is greedy to desire wealth for self, but it is not, because there is a universal law controlling the process of manifestation as per your own mould of life. People sculpture their life  as per their own very personal preferences and one size of desire does not fit all. If I cannot defend myself but desire to protect the whole town, would that be possible? The answer is in the common sense. I need to build my own strength first. How would I do it? By first desiring to be strong myself and then wishing to help others second. Fulfilment of a desire depends on feeling it while visualising. If I feel poor I cannot think about assisting a fellow being financially however needy he might be; but if I manifest desire for wealth for myself first then I can share and help others too. Our collective sincere good wishes for the wellbeing of the Earth can be and will be blessed by God, which is part of ‘collective karma’. ( I am currently working on the chapter about ‘Karmic Laws’ for my book in progress on spiritual levels and Universal laws, so, watch the space.)
Now returning back to our very personal journey on life path, I would stress that in order to succeed in your manifestation, declutter your desire first and follow the rule of one step at a time. Focus only on yourself and what ‘you’ want out of life; your family or loved ones with whom you share your day to day life and who you feel complete the meaning of your own existence can be part of your desire by shared default-position. Thus, one can pray, for example, like this, ‘ Thank you God for blessing me and my family with the gift of love and happiness or gift of mental and physical health…. and so on.’
An ant cannot carry a log of wood, you need an elephant for that. So, before you grow in to a spiritual giant, carry only that your current strength can bear. This is realistic and achievable focus and categorically not selfish. Remember, we can still wish the faceless and nameless world the peace, love and happiness or whatever blessings we wish for it from the Universe, without the whole humanity partaking your personal desire. You are allowed a desire and a wish together in your prayer but in separate focus compartments. Hence, I’ll foremost focus on my goal in life by visualising and feeling the effects of my desire and then I would conclude my prayer by wishing the world and humanity a healthy, prosperous, loving and peaceful environment. To conclude, it is imperative to focus on self as the first step in spiritual development at both corporeal and divine level, then and only then wish others the very best of moral life. By doing so your prayer completes.  Join me to light the 37th candle for desiring and manifesting your own safety and wishing for a wholesome world.  

How to effectively pray for protection against COVID-19: Lighting the 36/40 candle for health

I desire, I pray and believe that the prayer would be heard and the benevolent Universe would manifest my desire in to reality. Here’s what has been a serious short coming with not ‘what I desired’ but ‘how I desired’. If I desired for health, especially with focus on a particular problem, I would think in terms of, ‘Thank you Universe for protecting me from all mental and physical diseases and pains’; if I desired happiness I would visualise my desire in terms of, ‘ Thank you Universe for blessing me with protection from all the mental and physical sadness and stresses.’ Nothing wrong with this straightforward chat with God as it’s simple and directly from the heart, but I realised how many times I’ve contemplated on the negative emotions of ‘diseases’, ‘pains’, ‘sadness’ and ‘stress’ while praying for just the opposite! Now the penny dropped- my thoughts were engaged intimately with something I wanted to get rid of. Since my thoughts are the communication line between my desire and manifestation, between I and my God, the subconscious scanned the negative feelings of these thoughts and it was exactly the life that printed out for me. I was twirling around in a small pond over and over again, instead of getting out of it in to the huge free world of abundance.    
Similarly, most of us have been praying for protection against Covid-19. We meditate through our gratitude to the Universe for safeguarding us from the plague, we pray for the world to defeat the disease and we pray for suffering to end for all on this planet- a very humble, sincere and selfless prayer but with a focal flaw. Once again, we are contemplating about sufferings, pain, plague and disease, whereas it should be exactly the opposite that our thought pattern must focus on.
So, the principle of prayers is simple – think of what you are desiring and not the actual or potential hurdles. The nucleus of our meditative thought should be what we wish for, for example if we are wishing for money we need to think ourselves as rich, if we are wishing love then we must visualise ourselves in a loving relationship and not on poverty or breakdown of relation. Remember Law of Attraction is plain until we make it complicated with our erroneous thought pattern.   
Let us sieve through all that is not required in our mind and concentrate on the pure feelings left; and let the pure thought pour in to the subconscious. Now to translate the wholesome thoughts from the subconscious in to words, it would be something like this: ‘ Thank you Universe for a plentiful life of riches’ or ‘Thank you Lord for a healthy life and for mental and physical strength.’ I personally would focus on an integrated prayer for a wholesome life- ‘Thank you Universe for your benevolent blessings of a life rich with abundance of health, wealth and happiness to share with my family and loved ones so your gifts multiply to content all. This shall bring peace inside me and out spreading on the planet with your kindness.’ If we all pray together with positive thoughts, all negativities would be negated consequently, including the one faced by the whole humanity currently. Light the 36th candle for health, prosperity and peace in the world. Thank you merciful Nirankar.

Control the reins of Cause, Thought and Effect to defeat Covid-19: Light the 35/40 candle for new life

Corona Virus is not a political football. It is time to take our destiny in own hands, as was always meant to be and Laws of the Universe endorse upon it. According to the Law of Attraction, which in simple terms mean that we have the power to  make our life however we would like to, by generating right thoughts to entice right effects. But before we can trigger a thought in our mind we must have a cause to think and once a thought is engaged in to action it will yield an effect accordingly. This is also called the Law of Cause and Effects and is the key to making the right decisions and thus controlling our destiny beyond Covid-19.
Politicians around the world are on the verge of reopening the lockdown and expelling the human live stock as calculated collateral damage in an unequal battle without any armour to save the precious money and win elections. The cleverest manipulation in all this is to make us think that ‘we’ need it for ‘our jobs’, for ‘our freedom’ and ‘our mental welfare’. Haven’t we paid enough with taxes, hard toil and depravity for such insurance? Aren’t the poorest suffering more because the controlling machinery has created the classes? My readers get the gist.
Please join our thoughts as there is no social distancing with minds before following the pied piper. Society makes a nation and collective nations make the world that we all live in according to the arbitrary political maps and  plans dictated to us by the elitists. Over a long history of human kind, we have been programmed to be obedient citizens with a blindfold to be branded with the title of ‘law abiding.’In reality we are just the common unimportant men and women called ‘the masses’ and what some airlines define as the ‘Herd class’ of economy cabin. Our thought is already been usurped by the controlling regimes and following their laws is an indoctrinated predisposition of every mind. Thus, no wonder our thoughts attracted the disastrous effects inside and around every individual in the name of evolution or progression or advancement. We have accepted a world of diseases and when profitable drugs are developed we call it scientific advancement; if we live healthier life style then most of these diseases will vanish by themselves but we are less receptive to an organic preventive remedy. The new corporate mantra is ‘ Drugs are better than cure and prevention’. In our current world, capitalism is the cause to think of avarice and its effect is selfish humanity (mostly). If we desire to sculpture our destiny we must control reins of the Cause, Thought and Effect by making the right choices now. A lot is lost already but there is no reason to lose all- better late than never.
Not every human being has been affected by the greed virus and many rebels have fortified the core goodness in humanity that we were originally born with. Thanks to the blessed souls who have preserved the original thought to evolve spiritually and develop minds to higher vibrations.
We all are trapped in the effects of the plague at the moment, which is a direct result of human misguided thoughts caused by fetish for indulgence. So, enough said and it’s time to take some direct collective action. If now is not the time, there never will be.
But it won’t come easy as this would mean to sacrifice a lot of the synthetic addictions and build an organic world of health, wealth and happiness as peace, brotherhood/sisterhood and love will follow as the resulting effect. So, while in quarantine don’t be enticed by the fresh air outside as it might consist of poisonous breeze, don’t be compelled by monetary needs as  you must learn to live on less than die for more ( Don’t be shy to ask and lend help in need), don’t be an emotional fool to rush out to meet your loved ones as you could potentially kill them or be killed. Don’t let the sacrifice of all the victims of Corona go to a waste and don’t let the pied piper lead you to yet another disaster. Listen to your own heart from the deepest core, and not the rehearsed deceitful rhetoric of a corporate minister. Step out only if ‘you’ think it’s safe- remember every thought must have a reason and it’ll surely have a corresponding effect.   
If the brave hearted noblemen come together globally and hold the fort for six years to restore peace, then we can quarantine for longer to defeat the deadly virus. Start with the right thought and determination, we have the cause and the opportunity; the effects would be an evolved spiritual world order by the people, for the people and of the people. We need to unite in our spirituality beyond all the boundaries. Meditate to connect with your inner self and raise your vibration; you would feel  linked with rest of humanity through our common creator, the Universe. I hope every reader lights the 35th candle for a long life of the planet and its deserving denizens.       

Dream of dead is not always a nightmare: Quarantine is manifesting in many ways- Light the 34/40 candle of vigil

I dreamt of my late sister and saw that she was visiting me to stay overnight and I had a conversation with her about our childhood memories and I thanked her for spending this time with me for a catch up ‘before she died’. She smiled in return and said that she couldn’t go without seeing me and that I shall be alright – Yes, that’s it; that was my dream from last night. I have heard various interpretations of dream and what each dream means. According to one of those theories, if you see a dead family member in your dream often and regularly it’s a sign that your own demise is close. Something I can actually confirm from my father’s experience- he was telling the family almost on daily basis that he dreamt of his demised dad for a few months before his own death. But the phenomenon was not recurring in my case. Another theory suggests that the dream confirms your love for the lost family member- No surprises there- anyone’s guess, but why dream of her suddenly now after four years? Other conjectures I had read were not applicable to my experience in this instance. So, where did this dream originate from? I decided to follow my thought footsteps, especially in the recent past to understand what the night-show in my sleep connotated, if anything at all.
I was always very close to my sister- her being the eldest and me being the youngest, we had a unique bond. I have missed her ever since she passed away, but strange enough I never clearly dreamt of her, so to say, except for a glimpse in an incoherent dis-joined life slide show here and there in my sleep. But even that was about a couple of years ago. So, why now, suddenly manifesting as a very constructive scene from my life?
In my focused state of meditation I have recently been seeking to know the purpose of my life on this earth and how to achieve it. I have been trying to connect with my inner self to find certain answers to my very personal questions. I am happy with my progression so far and I have miles to cover before I bid goodbye to the world. So much to do in such limited time; but quarantine has given us one thing in plenty- time, to think beyond the material realm. However, while the lockdown inside attempts to shut out Covid-19, our conscious mind is bombarded with the statistics of global deaths by media, corona conversations on the phone with family and friends, praying for protection from the plague, etc. etc. We are encompassed with the theme of death directly or indirectly and to add to this scenario there was news of two mainstream actors from Bollywood passing away at a very young age only a couple of days ago and I grew up watching their movies. Now, I am getting somewhere.
The sub conscious is constantly recording every moment of life and when the outside influence becomes the stimulus for the mind, the inner thought and outside environment click together to project a picture that we know as dream. So, no wonder I dreamt of a dead loved one amongst the chilling crocks of raven announcing death all around on one hand and I seeking to enlarge my current life on the other hand. So, between these two ends my sub-conscious projected a scene of a happy moment from beyond the corporeal world. Not forgetting my dad’s dreams before his passing away; his health was deteriorating and he was in a frustrating mode of leaving behind unaccomplished tasks in case life runs short of track. He also reminisced his childhood frequently and missed his father dearly in his last few months of life. So, it explains his dream about his late relative. He too attracted what he sought.
I am also convinced that due to keeping a positive mindset despite what is happening in the world at the moment and trying (sincerely) to raise my vibration with daily gratitude and meditation intercepted any melancholic feelings following this dream; instead, I felt a curious sense of gain : my sister’s eternal happiness and freedom combined with my own elated realisation that I remembered her best for her love and smile. So, even in my dream I attracted  what I felt. Law of Attraction works in every phase of life. I also spent a few moments after waking up from my dream to think about the inevitable cycle of life which made me even more determined to make the best of my life. Starting from this moment, I ask myself, what could I do towards it? The answer was simple- do everything to stay safe at this current time. I am sure anyone reading this article would agree with this resolution. Let us light the 34th candle of vigil.

Quarantine has given enough to deal with, without meditation becoming a chore: Just be with 33/40 candles

You must have heard and read a lot about starting the day with thanking God and again before bed time. However, it’s a commonly misunderstood concept that the gratitude can only be offered during, what I would call the ‘blackout time’; in other words- when you sit in complete focus with eyes closed and mind empty. I have written considerably about traditional theory of meditation vs connecting without much ado in my previous blogs, for further reference. The theory of closing your eyes and trying to empty your mind of all thoughts etc. etc. can stress a person even before sitting down to meditate. The more you try the worse tensity gets. So, when your imagination is exhausted flying all over the world of past, future and present resentments, you feel that you’ve achieved nothing except frustration and people seeking positivity in life, instead start feeling defeated by the forced meditation regime and turn away from their belief in the omnipresence of the divinity. Usually, they also retreat to reading the prayer books and performing all the non- consequential rituals which is like getting on the hamster’s wheel and actually reaching nowhere.
  Remember, peace is where you reach through meditation and is not the starting point. Thus, I would like to stress, based on my personal experience, that you don’t always need to turn in to a lotus flower to connect to inner self to feel peaceful within. You wake up and instinctively say, ‘Thank you God/ Universe (or any of your preferred names for the supreme being). I am grateful to you for all the goodness in my life and would humbly ask for all these virtues to be multiplied to fulfil my life.’ So long you believe and are being sincere in your gratitude, you have meditated- it’s done. You can meditate as many times as you would like during the course of the day- for example, when anything or anyone makes you feel happy, just take a moment to thank the Universe. It’s simple and let’s not make it more complicated than need be, especially in the current climate of COVID-19 when we have enough on our plate already without piling up any more. Remember, a heartfelt gratitude has all the power and energy to lift your vibration. Give a pat on your back every time you remember to thank God. Be happy and stay safe.