A lesson to deal with Quarantine- Light the 16/40 candle against COVID-19

According to the Law of Attraction, the best way to stay in the current positive mode is to move away from the negative past. Whenever I miss my late mum, thoughts drive me to the old memory town. While I enjoy the trip, it leaves my heart with a mute panging beat. I have always believed in facing the problems head on. So, I thought the only way I can enjoy the memories is by sieving through all the painful extract. I poured out my heart in the form of a poem, dedicated to my best friend, confidante and an un-sung hero-  my mum. She was a beautiful singer and much more, who deserved far greater for her selflessness, however she bade farewell to the ignorant world with the dignity of her inner glory intact. Without further ado, here are my thoughts flushing out all the pain: I asked the nightingale of heart
You sing the song of love so sweet
Then why I feel the pangs of pain?
Seeping through to numb my soul.
The nightingale flew close to me
And chirped in pleasing melodies.
‘I fly from land so far and away
Yet keep my promises to please.
I hope to soothe your sullen eyes
And shower hope on your dreams.
I long your lips to dance with smile
On the rhythm of heart so up beat.
Instead, your tears throb and roll   
Drowning my gifts of joy and glee.
Before you kill what most you love
Release me from the mournful grip.
I’ll bring back your dreams of hope
So you twirl in the warmth of mirth.
Now, I must fly the luscious skies
So I can sing the delights of hope.
I return the lullaby you grew on
So you can sway the clouds away.’
‘Oh mother, I shall fail you no more
For you have opened my eyes again.
Am ready to swing to the tunes of joy
Humming the euphony you coached.
I fear no more the gathering storms
For I am the child of spirits awed.
You’re the nightingale true to heart
In my heart, a free heart,alive heart.’
It’s understandable that we can’t sometimes move away from certain memories and being in the quarantine gives us even more time to drift in to the past. But the trick is in staying in the happy lane. Even if there is an accumulated mental load, release it and let it go. To  clean your home, sweep the dust out, not under the carpet. I know that this cleansing has put a spring in my step- even though I am walking in my back garden, it seems a whole free world has opened inside and out.