It’s not too late, it never is to seek light out of the darkness- Light the 32/40 candles of faith in self

I understand that lock down is beginning to weigh some of us down; but it’s only the hope from faith in self and the Almighty that will show us the light through the current dark tunnel. We can fight it but fight it together for better days ahead. Let my poem say the rest:

We the children of the light, we children of the dark became
We hide we lurk we thieve we kill, without a blush of shame
And built shadows from the Sun with tall bricks soulless
And blasted the waves to quench our corruption excess
Now we live in fear of darkness we sought so keenly
Now the hands eclipse the face scarred obscenely
It’s not too late, it never is to submit and pray for light
It’s a pain that will pass and again shall be alright  
For we the children of the dark seek the days bright
For the hope in good in heart shall rebuild the soul’s sight  

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