Secret of meditation- dive deep with the wandering mind and emerge with a new focus: Light 30/40 candle to praying

Emerge from the deep wilderness of your thoughts with a new focus.
Emerge out of deep wilderness

Struggling with concentration while trying to meditate? Then, please read this article to the end. Meditation requires concentration but you can focus on what you have seen and heard easier than on the abstractness of a thought. It’s a bit like not been able to see the electricity but can see a lighted bulb and its glow. Similarly, when I can visualise a healthy body I can focus on the abundance of health; When I remember an occasion that made me happy I can contemplate  abundance of happiness; When I received a decent bonus I could relate it to the abundance of wealth. So, we need to think about a real life example that we have actually seen and heard which can then enhance our feelings and strengthen our belief when meditating, while desiring any aspect of Health, Wealth and Happiness. There is one vital responsibility on our part to practise this to perfection- think of a  positive image but move on to build your current desire on that feeling, instead of getting stuck in the time zone. From my personal experience and those who tried my method can confirm that it makes concentration easier and hence, don’t be dishearten by a straying mind because it can actually assist you to focus. I am talking about the corporeal level of spirituality where we still desire to better our physical life.
But how does a wandering mind help to ground our thoughts? The hardest part of meditation is to calm down the drifting mind. Instead of struggling to wrestle it down and end up all stressed up blaming the meditation itself, try to follow your thoughts and you’ll discover the reason why your mind is drifting towards a preferred stimulus. A thought is like the magnet and it creates a magnetic field to attract events which have stirred a deep feeling within yourself when they happened. A thought inside finds its release when you are in a concentrating mode – you become the  captive audience to the drama created by the mind. The scene enacted can be painful or joyful. Whether its negative or positive, it will result in pulling you away from the focus on your current desire. Let’s see then how to handle a negative scenario first- I am imagining sitting down to meditate and suddenly start thinking about my late sister and it pushes me in to the well of sadness. I have to think how to climb out now. So, I would either think about the other siblings whom I love dearly and are still alive or I would coach myself to think of a happy memory to get back in to the happy mood and once in the positive mindset , I would carry on with my desired focus. But if it’s a happy reminiscence  that has forced me off on to the hard shoulder, then I would get back on the road by thinking that I would desire to turn every day of my life in to as happy a day. Once on the right path in either cases, I would continue with my journey of mediation. Setting yourself back on track requires practise and it’ll test your resilience and determination.    
The next stage would be feeling what we have successfully focused on. Once we get the tingling feelings on visualising our focus we could say that we are ready to align and manifest whatever we desire. I strongly feel that it is actually easier at present time to take out a picture of health, wealth and happiness from the pre-corona times, and focus on the feeling that triggers within you and yoke together the exalted feelings with the actual purpose of your meditation. I am ready to focus on my purpose now, why don’t you join me too? Let us meditate together, wherever we are, and join at the bedrock of our current desire- Life without the plague. It gives me the incentive to light the 30th candle to the hope in life.      

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