The world of God’s making vs the world of man’s making vs the world made of regret: 25/40 candles of hope

God made heaven of this earth, with beautiful creatures sharing its peaceful bliss. Then the man was blessed with freedom to make a superior choice between the cunning of mind or the innocence of heart.
Man chose poorly and many of the God’s creatures were eliminated for fun, for greed and ego. Man also killed senselessly his own.
God has now chosen this time to announce his justice. The cunning of man has been challenged by the might of the Omnipotent.  
It’ll take greater efforts to appease God. There is no time like now for a sincere remorse and amends. Wake up before the choice is withdrawn. Submit your selfish immorality to salvage your soul.
Stop socio- political wars and build peace, Stop profiting from death and sow seeds of life, Stop bigoted small talks and embrace humanity, Stop abusing the earth and show respect.
Then, submit to the belief in the benevolence of the ONE true power in this universe- the Universe itself. Only sincere remorse and honest amends can appease the Maker we’ve so betrayed.

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