So much to reverse so quickly to fight COVID-19: Light the 20/40 candle

We took a wrong turn many civilisations ago, leading to a dead end
We can only reverse to the road to recovery, as our only chance.
A ship that is drowned by the sailor doesn’t meet the awaiting shores
We need fast to learn to swim, as the coast is drifting far and away.
A field that’s devoured by own fence can’t yield crops to a hungry heart
We must shape up to self-defend, than hire the safety that oppress.
The love that kills cannot grow the roses of faith nor the honest vows
We need to build the trust again in me, in you and in our God.
All’s well that ends well is not the philosophy that’ll cut this time
We must undo and countermand our misplaced priorities so false.
A man who thinks himself as Lord, is farthest from his own shadow
We need to bow to rise again as the mighty humanity in oneness.
So wake up, gear up and get to work, we have a whole world to save
Let’s unite our hands and build a life, that’ll live long happily ever after.
With this, I would love if all my readers would join me to light the 20th candle of 40 day vigil against COVID-19. We shall overcome is resounding in my heart. Amen.

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