Law of Attraction can help you to find the new strength from within: Light the 40th candle to the revelation

Since it’s the 40th post in my pledge to light 40 candles as vigil in the wake of pandemic catastrophe engulfing the world at the moment. I’ll start with my heartfelt condolences to the families who have lost a dear one to Corona and political bungle. However, I am confident that all these souls have been received warmly by the Omni Lordship. Amen.
In this post, I would tell you the story of my emotional, mental, physical, artistic and spiritual development and I’ll share how my thoughts, my resolution, my actions developed during the course of lockdown including how it all fared in balance with my spiritual belief.
When the news about the new corona virus became real and I started hearing and seeing the deadly impact of the modern day plague, I thought the current mankind is living through a world altering history. Initially, I did feel a few tremors of fear especially when even the scientists and best brains around seemed as shell shocked with the alien virus and everyone seemed none the wiser. The core message of Law of Attraction assisted me to re-focus and pull up my descending spirits before sinking further in the quick sand of global pandemonium. It was time to entice positivity from every nook and cranny of my heart and hold it in a tight grip.
I narrowed down to my own existence first and thanked the Universe Akal Purakh (timeless energy that never dies, i.e. God) for my life and then this became my routine. As I grew more confident to stay alive I extended my prayer and gratitude for the life of my family and to this day I continue to be grateful for the Almighty’s blessings. As I progressed in to my focus for life and wellbeing, the selfless urge to ask for the welfare of my faceless and nameless fellow humanity knocked at my heart, in line with a Sikh prayer asking God for ‘Sarbat da bhala’( may all be blessed with prosperity and bliss). I have written about when you know to pray for others and when not to in an earlier series of a post, ‘Charity begins at home’.
My first thought towards new adjustments was -‘ There is need to alter our focus: stay positive against the gloom ridden winds’. This not only helped me to ground my flicking mind, but also gave me conviction to stay safe to save others. Now this was worth attracting a manifestation. Thence on, I knew my quarantine was well planned and remains so to the day. My mission has been to motivate others too, if I could, or at least tickle a thought in another mind to stay optimistic amidst the gloomy fog. From the comments and views I have received so far; it has further strengthened my belief to stay put on the path to believing in hope. This requires self-discipline and comprehending value of life outside your own.
Further adjustment is like towing a mountain load of responsibility on each of our shoulder to ween off the addiction to lethal consumerism; it is liking devouring without real hunger while there is starvation in another part of the world. Any change is only possible if we, the spoilt brats of human race, are willing to put a dent in our consumerist-debauchery. There is a whole new adjustment the human race needs in order to reset a fresh mindset. It’s not easy but no great achievement has ever been. Desire for this goal and the blessed Law of the Universe would manifest our dream for a wholesome new home, our planet.
On a light hearted side, I’ve spent quarantine by exploring my hidden skills- I can paint now ( a few water colours are attached above) and have revived my dormant talent for dance. I had created a mental barrier of age ( yes, I am in the prime of middle age life), random aches and pains and social rules to stop dancing gradually. This also had locked me in a dark closet of demoralisation, until quarantine rescued me to focus on myself and resuscitate my inert abilities back to life. I also experimented with gourmet cooking and my foody family has rewarded me with the title of ‘ Best Chef Mum.’ I hope my readers have similarly quarried many a jewel from within. All this have further strengthened my faith, my belief and my trust in the benevolent power of the true Omnipotent.          
I am thrilled to close the vigil on a positive note – Those of us who have been bestowed with the gift of life through the continuing storms of hungry virus, we owe a tremendous gratitude to God and commit to a promise to do all to preserve own life and contribute towards regularising our planet’s heart rhythm too. How? By activating every intention within our force of will to make healthy decisions as way of life and live happily ever after. If every individual cognizance is sprinkled with holy water of morality before engaging in to action, I think we’ve kept our promise to the Almighty to do the right thing. We need to take the reins of our conscience in own hands and not be steered by a corporate remote control. It is as simple as the words written here, and will be as easy as said provided we are committed to change the way we choose- stay with the old mobile phone and discover a new model of YOU instead, Eat simple that is healthy instead of costing unnecessary life to feed our gluttony, Earn enough for yourself and family and not build an empire for the foreseeable progeny, and so on. Pick your preference and stick to it. When we’ll do this, we would add another brick to construct a better world for ourselves and hence, for everyone else.
While practising being the righteous beings, keep safe. We’ve come this far together; we can sail through rest of the waves of Corona too. Please join me to light the 40th candle to celebrate ‘finding own new strength from with in.’