Dream of dead is not always a nightmare: Quarantine is manifesting in many ways- Light the 34/40 candle of vigil

I dreamt of my late sister and saw that she was visiting me to stay overnight and I had a conversation with her about our childhood memories and I thanked her for spending this time with me for a catch up ‘before she died’. She smiled in return and said that she couldn’t go without seeing me and that I shall be alright – Yes, that’s it; that was my dream from last night. I have heard various interpretations of dream and what each dream means. According to one of those theories, if you see a dead family member in your dream often and regularly it’s a sign that your own demise is close. Something I can actually confirm from my father’s experience- he was telling the family almost on daily basis that he dreamt of his demised dad for a few months before his own death. But the phenomenon was not recurring in my case. Another theory suggests that the dream confirms your love for the lost family member- No surprises there- anyone’s guess, but why dream of her suddenly now after four years? Other conjectures I had read were not applicable to my experience in this instance. So, where did this dream originate from? I decided to follow my thought footsteps, especially in the recent past to understand what the night-show in my sleep connotated, if anything at all.
I was always very close to my sister- her being the eldest and me being the youngest, we had a unique bond. I have missed her ever since she passed away, but strange enough I never clearly dreamt of her, so to say, except for a glimpse in an incoherent dis-joined life slide show here and there in my sleep. But even that was about a couple of years ago. So, why now, suddenly manifesting as a very constructive scene from my life?
In my focused state of meditation I have recently been seeking to know the purpose of my life on this earth and how to achieve it. I have been trying to connect with my inner self to find certain answers to my very personal questions. I am happy with my progression so far and I have miles to cover before I bid goodbye to the world. So much to do in such limited time; but quarantine has given us one thing in plenty- time, to think beyond the material realm. However, while the lockdown inside attempts to shut out Covid-19, our conscious mind is bombarded with the statistics of global deaths by media, corona conversations on the phone with family and friends, praying for protection from the plague, etc. etc. We are encompassed with the theme of death directly or indirectly and to add to this scenario there was news of two mainstream actors from Bollywood passing away at a very young age only a couple of days ago and I grew up watching their movies. Now, I am getting somewhere.
The sub conscious is constantly recording every moment of life and when the outside influence becomes the stimulus for the mind, the inner thought and outside environment click together to project a picture that we know as dream. So, no wonder I dreamt of a dead loved one amongst the chilling crocks of raven announcing death all around on one hand and I seeking to enlarge my current life on the other hand. So, between these two ends my sub-conscious projected a scene of a happy moment from beyond the corporeal world. Not forgetting my dad’s dreams before his passing away; his health was deteriorating and he was in a frustrating mode of leaving behind unaccomplished tasks in case life runs short of track. He also reminisced his childhood frequently and missed his father dearly in his last few months of life. So, it explains his dream about his late relative. He too attracted what he sought.
I am also convinced that due to keeping a positive mindset despite what is happening in the world at the moment and trying (sincerely) to raise my vibration with daily gratitude and meditation intercepted any melancholic feelings following this dream; instead, I felt a curious sense of gain : my sister’s eternal happiness and freedom combined with my own elated realisation that I remembered her best for her love and smile. So, even in my dream I attracted  what I felt. Law of Attraction works in every phase of life. I also spent a few moments after waking up from my dream to think about the inevitable cycle of life which made me even more determined to make the best of my life. Starting from this moment, I ask myself, what could I do towards it? The answer was simple- do everything to stay safe at this current time. I am sure anyone reading this article would agree with this resolution. Let us light the 34th candle of vigil.