Control the reins of Cause, Thought and Effect to defeat Covid-19: Light the 35/40 candle for new life

Corona Virus is not a political football. It is time to take our destiny in own hands, as was always meant to be and Laws of the Universe endorse upon it. According to the Law of Attraction, which in simple terms mean that we have the power to  make our life however we would like to, by generating right thoughts to entice right effects. But before we can trigger a thought in our mind we must have a cause to think and once a thought is engaged in to action it will yield an effect accordingly. This is also called the Law of Cause and Effects and is the key to making the right decisions and thus controlling our destiny beyond Covid-19.
Politicians around the world are on the verge of reopening the lockdown and expelling the human live stock as calculated collateral damage in an unequal battle without any armour to save the precious money and win elections. The cleverest manipulation in all this is to make us think that ‘we’ need it for ‘our jobs’, for ‘our freedom’ and ‘our mental welfare’. Haven’t we paid enough with taxes, hard toil and depravity for such insurance? Aren’t the poorest suffering more because the controlling machinery has created the classes? My readers get the gist.
Please join our thoughts as there is no social distancing with minds before following the pied piper. Society makes a nation and collective nations make the world that we all live in according to the arbitrary political maps and  plans dictated to us by the elitists. Over a long history of human kind, we have been programmed to be obedient citizens with a blindfold to be branded with the title of ‘law abiding.’In reality we are just the common unimportant men and women called ‘the masses’ and what some airlines define as the ‘Herd class’ of economy cabin. Our thought is already been usurped by the controlling regimes and following their laws is an indoctrinated predisposition of every mind. Thus, no wonder our thoughts attracted the disastrous effects inside and around every individual in the name of evolution or progression or advancement. We have accepted a world of diseases and when profitable drugs are developed we call it scientific advancement; if we live healthier life style then most of these diseases will vanish by themselves but we are less receptive to an organic preventive remedy. The new corporate mantra is ‘ Drugs are better than cure and prevention’. In our current world, capitalism is the cause to think of avarice and its effect is selfish humanity (mostly). If we desire to sculpture our destiny we must control reins of the Cause, Thought and Effect by making the right choices now. A lot is lost already but there is no reason to lose all- better late than never.
Not every human being has been affected by the greed virus and many rebels have fortified the core goodness in humanity that we were originally born with. Thanks to the blessed souls who have preserved the original thought to evolve spiritually and develop minds to higher vibrations.
We all are trapped in the effects of the plague at the moment, which is a direct result of human misguided thoughts caused by fetish for indulgence. So, enough said and it’s time to take some direct collective action. If now is not the time, there never will be.
But it won’t come easy as this would mean to sacrifice a lot of the synthetic addictions and build an organic world of health, wealth and happiness as peace, brotherhood/sisterhood and love will follow as the resulting effect. So, while in quarantine don’t be enticed by the fresh air outside as it might consist of poisonous breeze, don’t be compelled by monetary needs as  you must learn to live on less than die for more ( Don’t be shy to ask and lend help in need), don’t be an emotional fool to rush out to meet your loved ones as you could potentially kill them or be killed. Don’t let the sacrifice of all the victims of Corona go to a waste and don’t let the pied piper lead you to yet another disaster. Listen to your own heart from the deepest core, and not the rehearsed deceitful rhetoric of a corporate minister. Step out only if ‘you’ think it’s safe- remember every thought must have a reason and it’ll surely have a corresponding effect.   
If the brave hearted noblemen come together globally and hold the fort for six years to restore peace, then we can quarantine for longer to defeat the deadly virus. Start with the right thought and determination, we have the cause and the opportunity; the effects would be an evolved spiritual world order by the people, for the people and of the people. We need to unite in our spirituality beyond all the boundaries. Meditate to connect with your inner self and raise your vibration; you would feel  linked with rest of humanity through our common creator, the Universe. I hope every reader lights the 35th candle for a long life of the planet and its deserving denizens.