Quarantine has given enough to deal with, without meditation becoming a chore: Just be with 33/40 candles

You must have heard and read a lot about starting the day with thanking God and again before bed time. However, it’s a commonly misunderstood concept that the gratitude can only be offered during, what I would call the ‘blackout time’; in other words- when you sit in complete focus with eyes closed and mind empty. I have written considerably about traditional theory of meditation vs connecting without much ado in my previous blogs, for further reference. The theory of closing your eyes and trying to empty your mind of all thoughts etc. etc. can stress a person even before sitting down to meditate. The more you try the worse tensity gets. So, when your imagination is exhausted flying all over the world of past, future and present resentments, you feel that you’ve achieved nothing except frustration and people seeking positivity in life, instead start feeling defeated by the forced meditation regime and turn away from their belief in the omnipresence of the divinity. Usually, they also retreat to reading the prayer books and performing all the non- consequential rituals which is like getting on the hamster’s wheel and actually reaching nowhere.
  Remember, peace is where you reach through meditation and is not the starting point. Thus, I would like to stress, based on my personal experience, that you don’t always need to turn in to a lotus flower to connect to inner self to feel peaceful within. You wake up and instinctively say, ‘Thank you God/ Universe (or any of your preferred names for the supreme being). I am grateful to you for all the goodness in my life and would humbly ask for all these virtues to be multiplied to fulfil my life.’ So long you believe and are being sincere in your gratitude, you have meditated- it’s done. You can meditate as many times as you would like during the course of the day- for example, when anything or anyone makes you feel happy, just take a moment to thank the Universe. It’s simple and let’s not make it more complicated than need be, especially in the current climate of COVID-19 when we have enough on our plate already without piling up any more. Remember, a heartfelt gratitude has all the power and energy to lift your vibration. Give a pat on your back every time you remember to thank God. Be happy and stay safe.