How to effectively pray for protection against COVID-19: Lighting the 36/40 candle for health

I desire, I pray and believe that the prayer would be heard and the benevolent Universe would manifest my desire in to reality. Here’s what has been a serious short coming with not ‘what I desired’ but ‘how I desired’. If I desired for health, especially with focus on a particular problem, I would think in terms of, ‘Thank you Universe for protecting me from all mental and physical diseases and pains’; if I desired happiness I would visualise my desire in terms of, ‘ Thank you Universe for blessing me with protection from all the mental and physical sadness and stresses.’ Nothing wrong with this straightforward chat with God as it’s simple and directly from the heart, but I realised how many times I’ve contemplated on the negative emotions of ‘diseases’, ‘pains’, ‘sadness’ and ‘stress’ while praying for just the opposite! Now the penny dropped- my thoughts were engaged intimately with something I wanted to get rid of. Since my thoughts are the communication line between my desire and manifestation, between I and my God, the subconscious scanned the negative feelings of these thoughts and it was exactly the life that printed out for me. I was twirling around in a small pond over and over again, instead of getting out of it in to the huge free world of abundance.    
Similarly, most of us have been praying for protection against Covid-19. We meditate through our gratitude to the Universe for safeguarding us from the plague, we pray for the world to defeat the disease and we pray for suffering to end for all on this planet- a very humble, sincere and selfless prayer but with a focal flaw. Once again, we are contemplating about sufferings, pain, plague and disease, whereas it should be exactly the opposite that our thought pattern must focus on.
So, the principle of prayers is simple – think of what you are desiring and not the actual or potential hurdles. The nucleus of our meditative thought should be what we wish for, for example if we are wishing for money we need to think ourselves as rich, if we are wishing love then we must visualise ourselves in a loving relationship and not on poverty or breakdown of relation. Remember Law of Attraction is plain until we make it complicated with our erroneous thought pattern.   
Let us sieve through all that is not required in our mind and concentrate on the pure feelings left; and let the pure thought pour in to the subconscious. Now to translate the wholesome thoughts from the subconscious in to words, it would be something like this: ‘ Thank you Universe for a plentiful life of riches’ or ‘Thank you Lord for a healthy life and for mental and physical strength.’ I personally would focus on an integrated prayer for a wholesome life- ‘Thank you Universe for your benevolent blessings of a life rich with abundance of health, wealth and happiness to share with my family and loved ones so your gifts multiply to content all. This shall bring peace inside me and out spreading on the planet with your kindness.’ If we all pray together with positive thoughts, all negativities would be negated consequently, including the one faced by the whole humanity currently. Light the 36th candle for health, prosperity and peace in the world. Thank you merciful Nirankar.