Need new perspective post Covid-19: Light the 38/40 candle to new life

We are in the middle of plague ridden times and the only hope out of this deadly engulf rests on every man and woman’s shoulder, apart from medical assistance obviously. Frankly, I am appalled and bored by the political rhetoric of Internalisation ideology dividing the world further, as if there is dearth of preconceived prejudice in human society already. We hear the covid plague being the biggest challenge to the mankind after the WW2 in modern history, but we’ve forsaken the lessons supposed to have been learnt already – Cooperation, Peace and Humanity. Instead, we still hear hyperbole of war and violence to over compensate aggressive nationalism. Nationalism is a very honourable sentiment which is dignified only without wild hatred for others. The thought pattern must alter to rehabilitate our mindset, for example, by understanding the real message of ‘love thy neighbour’ without hating someone else’s neighbour. It’s not surprising that the opportunist and warmongering world leaders are playing anarchic demigods in the name of policing the planet. However, what is vital here is how we the ‘ordinary’, the ‘common’ people play our part in this game. We can either join this self-dooming manipulation or stand together in resistance, and by that I mean changing the choices we make practically in our day to day life – cutting down on unnecessary pollution triggering tools in the name of convenience, using electronics for need rather than addiction, not using cars as a substitute for walking , taking responsibility for own health rather than burden the NHS due self-inflicted afflictions, etc. This would limit the corporation profits and starve the greed of the monstrous life munching mega machines around the world.
The best aspect of this collective action by us would be that it’s the most peaceful and silent protest against the material acquisitiveness.
However, this sociopolitical influence would only change with spiritual development.
Grounding yourself does not only mean calming down physically but it also means to connect you with your inner self. Once you passionately seek to find the real ‘you’, consider that you are grounded and the next progression would enable you to honestly recognise your vices in their raw state. Why vices? It’s because individuals have a tendency to cover up their follies outwardly and when this becomes a habit, we start believing in our own lies. We must achieve the truth about ourselves before recognising the falsity about material world around us.
You would now be ready to have a personal chat with self to sincerely seek ways to overcome the shortcomings and to your pleasant expectation, I assure you, the remedies, the answers and resolutions you seek would begin to flow. Before you know, you would be enticed to undergo this experience over and over again. Self-reflection is the stage of connection with your deeper self at the sub-conscious level. You are ready to make the right choices now with unclouded mindset. Anything is possible when we put our determined thought to action, as mere knowing is not doing. Resist spending your energy on supporting or opposing the political parties or personalities; instead, conserve all your power to raise your own vibration. So, lets get to work, we have a whole new world to build. Light the 38/40 candle to begin the auspicious task.