Charity begins at home: Light the 37/40 candle for your own safety against covid-19

You are your own world

Charity begins at home, is not just a literary expression first used by Sir Thomas Browne; it surely has a spiritual connotation too. As beginners on the spiritual voyage, as most of us are and might remain for life, we need to achieve that level of celestial realm where we can manifest own desire first before wishing for the world. Here, I would like to draw a demarcating distinction between ‘Desire’ and ‘Wish’. We can wish well the planet, as we should, but we can’t desire what we ourselves want for every individual on the planet too. Some people think that it is selfish to desire happy life just for themselves and it is greedy to desire wealth for self, but it is not, because there is a universal law controlling the process of manifestation as per your own mould of life. People sculpture their life  as per their own very personal preferences and one size of desire does not fit all. If I cannot defend myself but desire to protect the whole town, would that be possible? The answer is in the common sense. I need to build my own strength first. How would I do it? By first desiring to be strong myself and then wishing to help others second. Fulfilment of a desire depends on feeling it while visualising. If I feel poor I cannot think about assisting a fellow being financially however needy he might be; but if I manifest desire for wealth for myself first then I can share and help others too. Our collective sincere good wishes for the wellbeing of the Earth can be and will be blessed by God, which is part of ‘collective karma’. ( I am currently working on the chapter about ‘Karmic Laws’ for my book in progress on spiritual levels and Universal laws, so, watch the space.)
Now returning back to our very personal journey on life path, I would stress that in order to succeed in your manifestation, declutter your desire first and follow the rule of one step at a time. Focus only on yourself and what ‘you’ want out of life; your family or loved ones with whom you share your day to day life and who you feel complete the meaning of your own existence can be part of your desire by shared default-position. Thus, one can pray, for example, like this, ‘ Thank you God for blessing me and my family with the gift of love and happiness or gift of mental and physical health…. and so on.’
An ant cannot carry a log of wood, you need an elephant for that. So, before you grow in to a spiritual giant, carry only that your current strength can bear. This is realistic and achievable focus and categorically not selfish. Remember, we can still wish the faceless and nameless world the peace, love and happiness or whatever blessings we wish for it from the Universe, without the whole humanity partaking your personal desire. You are allowed a desire and a wish together in your prayer but in separate focus compartments. Hence, I’ll foremost focus on my goal in life by visualising and feeling the effects of my desire and then I would conclude my prayer by wishing the world and humanity a healthy, prosperous, loving and peaceful environment. To conclude, it is imperative to focus on self as the first step in spiritual development at both corporeal and divine level, then and only then wish others the very best of moral life. By doing so your prayer completes.  Join me to light the 37th candle for desiring and manifesting your own safety and wishing for a wholesome world.  

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