Let Law of Vibration create a ripple to save all life from COVID-19: light the 23/40 candle

Today I touched the bowl of water with the tip of my finger and it sent a ripple through the container. It looked just like on the holiday video where my son tossed a tiny pebble in the Udaipur lake and it stimulated the entire water to expand into a dancing circle. What’s common here? It’s the vibration that my hand and the pebble created. The whole universe is vibrating incessantly at a set frequency and that’s exactly what each life is – a vibration. Everyone’s vibration pulsates at a frequency. What it means is that every individual has his/her own thought pattern ( our vibration) that creates a ripple of feelings and when this ripple ( or frequency) aligns with the frequency of the Universe, we connect with our maker- this is what it means by ‘becoming one with God’. It’s our vibration that sculptures our life. This is the grand plan of the Universe, laid out through the Law of Vibration. Let me elucidate this concept further.       
When we really feel our thoughts, it sends out a signal to the recipient of our feelings, which some refer to as telepathy. You must have heard the expression, ‘Love at first sight!’ It means that a chain of communication starts entirely through the vibration of a thought that triggered an intense feeling between the two people mutually.
Similarly, when we actually feel our meditation intensely within ourselves the vibration of our very being reaches the highest frequency. How do you feel meditation? Well, people have diverse experiences, but I can only quote my own here. I have felt the goose pimples, felt as if in trance, feeling physically numb, and I think now you’ve got the gist. This is the spiritual state one must achieve before even contemplating manifestation of our desire. I would like to define the concept of meditation which, in my views, is not necessarily an immobile body stance in a lotus position with eyes closed- although grounding yourself in a yoga sitting posture is an effective way to calm your mind.  Reference to two of my previous blogs might answer a few more questions here: ‘Meditation technique that worked for me’ & ‘You must establish WHY you are meditating.’  
However, during the lockdown even though we have the right time to practise meditation, many of us might struggle to find a quiet spot to focus at home with the entire family around all the time. In such a situation I would  connect with the Universe through my silent thoughts while life is humming around and no one else even suspect what I am thinking about (:  I often get this feeling of elation deep within when I look at the sky. No matter what the other family members are getting up to, I’ll stand by the window and just look at the blue airspace, which, for me, symbolises tranquillity, freedom and contentment. This state makes me feel connected with my inner peace and hence with the divinity itself. You can have a different spiritual stimulus because the focus is getting that telepathic communication going with the Universe and this would be the befitting moment to thank the universe to manifest your blissful wish.
In our normal day to day life we congest our mind with a hoard of thoughts about how to win every man-made race. So, now is a chance to reflect and take advantage of the quarantine to practise the meditative state of vibrational elation.  Carry on practising and raise your vibration higher and higher, and soon what was your last aspirational point will become your next starting point. You would know when you have raised your frequency – once you find yourself smiling without even realising, you feel excited despite the announcement of the lockdown extension, when you don’t feel angry even though a family member has said something annoying, you feel free inside despite in isolation, you feel hopeful despite the plague ravaging your town. At every level of vibration, don’t forget to wish for your own protection and that of others by the Universe. There is no limit to desire but one at a time is a steady rule to success. Believe and feel aligned to the frequency of the Universe, and your life is manifested. Time to light the 23rd candle to fulfil our wish for a peaceful planet with healthy living beings.  

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