Remember the mask is for the face and not the brain to fight COVID-19: light the 18/40 candle together

I saw a picture in a magazine of a homeless man with the banner reading, ‘What about our isolation?’ This image pierced through my brain to stab my heart that now bleeds on this page. I compare my deluxe isolation with those who have no indoors to lock themselves in. I confess, it disturbed me immensely and I suddenly pressed my sofa cushion close to my heart as if it would jump out of my chest. But strangely it subdued and sank back the very next instance when I started thinking of other outsiders too with no choice, like the key workers from so many diverse areas of service structure- the Doctors, Police, Fire fighters, food retailers, drivers, construction workers, and many more. It’s easy to unload our responsibility on to the politicians or even God, forgetting that we can collectively do so much more and that our liability doesn’t end with shedding a quiet tear and observing moroseness for a moment, not even clapping once a week suffices. Some of us are still playing defiant spoiled brats by attempting a barbeque on a beach, walking as a horizontal herd, Sunbathing, as a few examples of our null sightedness. If we can’t learn an obvious lesson now, we might as well roll over and save God all the trouble. If you’re isolating with your family count your blessings; think of those people who are by themselves. They can step out into human contact sooner only if we observe the prescribed temporary limits. It’s not the end of the world but could be, if we don’t take the blind fold off our senses- the mask needs to be on the face not our brains. It’s the social distancing that will bring us closer together ultimately. Yes, I would go as far as admitting that it’s difficult but just write the word ‘Inconvenience’ against ‘Calamity’ and see which one is tougher to enact. A vast population on the planet are lucky to have been given this option to choose- think of those who must walk on the bridge of fire to get to life on the other side on daily basis. Plenty of time for beach walking, Sun will still be here to suck every ray from it, but many of our loved ones might not be. Could you bear the burden of this guilt? I know I cannot, because I want to step into the COVID-19 free world with my fellow humanity. My motive- I stay in, I stay safe and I save others. Please join me by lighting the 18th candle to strengthen our unity of purpose. Thank you.    

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