‘Let the sub-conscious lead’

Its not always easy to find exactly ‘what’ you desire, once you do then there is the question of, ‘What action’ to take to manifest it. I have so many questions, but can’t decide which is the right answer. As a result, I find myself at a junction, every so often. 

Once again, I desired to end this incertitude, and turn into right direction. I have learnt, through own experience, that  it’s our conscious that gets confused, at times, to make a choice. Hence, I thought my conscious needs to meet up with the sub conscious first and literally discuss the whole enigma of, how to make the right choice of action to manifest my desire ( I’ve spoken about how to know its the right desire in previous blog). 

I decided to meditate and literally speak with my sub-conscious. How did I know I spoke with my deeper self? Well, I felt it- it felt like a communication within.  My sub- conscious answered, and said that I need to ‘feel’ each selection of choice in my mind. Now, some choices might make you feel like its a wishful thought, some might take you to the road of counting pros and cons; but there will be one that will absolutely resonate with you- no further questions. That’s when you need to open your eye and act to manifest your desire.   

I believe, I am on the right track, so long I stop at the junction to reflect on what’s the right route, for me, before continuing my journey.

The Universe is aligned to our sub-conscious; so speak to your inner-self during meditation. If the sequence of question and answer flows uninterrupted and you feel the tingling in your veins, then you know you are connected with your sub-conscious mind; hence in alignment with the Universe. The action thus taken will yield good results. For example, if your question is which is the befitting job you should go for; then you need to balance your acumen with the role description, unbiased. Reflect and determine which job to apply for- you will feel excited about the prospects and will be successful. Another example could be – question about ‘when will my desire to get a bigger house’ be manifested. The answer would be found in ‘do you really believe in your desire?’ ‘what action is within your means to match this desire.’ Mind, this action could be right investment; or if you have no money but only a sincere desire, then meditation, gratitude and belief are your actions. Once you have engaged your sincerest efforts, leave the manifestation to arrive from the Universe. 

However, if you feel its a forced and biased answer, then, its in fact, the influence of your conscious mind, and your sub-conscious has not spoken- you will not feel happy at heart either. If you still take this action, it will not manifest any results. For example, you are only enticed to a role due to the perks of the job, but no qualifications for it- this is the wrong choice. 

I’ve tried this meditation technique in various cases in personal life, and subsequently have chosen the right action, as per what my sub conscious indicated and was thus blessed by the universe. 

I thought I will share this progression with my fellow practitioners. Happy manifestation. 



Right action is, what YOU Feel within

Dance for your self – your audience is within

Just to share what I thought today, during meditation- Yes, ‘thought’. In my experience, thoughts when felt, are the silent language of one’s sub-conscious, and that aligns me to the Universe, as per my belief. Then, I deduced- Meditation is all about tapping into the deepest lying thoughts within. 

So, I focussed on what was knocking at the door of my conscious. I closed my eyes and slowly opened the door, with caution, not sure what might run at me, at this stage.  

Here’s what decanted into my conscious being- A question-’ What action would manifest my desire?’ No answer followed out of the door, yet.   

So, I continued to focus further, which carried me to the deeper inquisition within myself. I saw it lucid now – I had broken the vicious cycle of ritualistic belief to attain the freedom to connect with self (Reference to my first blog-‘Universe found me’) ; and thence, I ventured into meditating twice a day; with patterned focus before sleeping to influence my own dreams that night, maintaining a ledger of my wishes and manifestation, and the list goes on. 

I trusted my sub conscious to lead me further on; and it was revealed- I am getting caught in another set of rules, which too is ritualistic in itself. So, where is my freedom? What am I not seeing or feeling yet? Then, supreme intuition spoke – I can even meditate with my eyes open by remembering the Omnipresence of the Omni Universe, anywhere and at any time. Alignment is not transitory, but perennial. 

With this thought I opened my eyes, to board the ‘Future Express’ to manifestation. 

Thank you Universe for yoking my conscious and sub conscious together, for now.



Law Of Attraction Finds Me-catharsis on a roundabout?

I have been a conscious observer of an ancient sentiment tune-in technique, which actually existed in human sub-conscious a long before the subject of psychology was ever invented and emotions became a philosophic science. Yes, I am referring to the art of catharsis.

Let me share, via this blog, how I would interpret catharsis, as per my experience.

The first step towards this elucidation is to answer – Why the practice of emotional cleansing ever resonated with me?

I found sad poetry with distressing lyrics so serene, reaching deep into my heart, tingling the chords of melancholic harmony. Tragedy became my favourite genre for movies and books. I felt better after spending all my inner gloom on outer stimuli. I felt redeemed, even though it was a provisional satisfaction, till the next dose of tenebrosity for an emotional fix.

We, as humans, are creatures of habit, but after a point, endeavour to break boundaries. So, this bubble of  fleeting purgatory of feelings started to bust the day I remembered my parent’s advice- ‘Always value what you have, rather than count what you don’t’.  This begot another question, ‘ why so many of us have this craving for gloom, while actually desiring abundance of happiness? ‘  It nudged me towards realising that I was not entirely comfortable with this induced dosage of sadness, when deep down, I actually yearned for joyousness in life. I arrived at the point of boredom or impasse with this recurring routine; and at that very spot started my very own reformation.

My frustration had a silver lining; I was motivated to jump out of a shallow pond in to a plenteous world. My first edification was to bust a few mythical beliefs, picked on the way, on perpetual roundabout my life was stuck on turning eternally, but going nowhere .

 I recognised the imperfection in my thought pattern and focus; I liked to be cathartic to glum stimuli, and this made me feel, mistakenly, purged and consequently, spiritual. However, it was never long lasting, and I was left with frustration of desiring permanent state of  ecstasy. I have to admit, that sometimes I felt kindred with tearjerker subjects, so much so that it became part of my very make up as a person. I needed a personality change, or at least a focus replacement by taking the first exit from the roundabout of my life, stuck in the quicksand of counter-productive emotional discharge .

Where I found solace in moroseness, my preference has changed to comedy or light hearted movies, books and even friends. I feel the first shackle broken, yet, I have miles to run to achieve emotional emancipation. I admire the glimpse of positivity out of the window ajar, but there is a big door to be kicked open yet.  

I re-analysed my parent’s advice and began to appreciate what I have, and even thanking almighty for life itself. What’s more, I am smiling more when I look at my self in the mirror- not mockingly, but for seeing a different personality in the same image. Its not always easy nor is it an emotional incontinence of constant laughter, but I am feeling more content within; while trying to refuse myself a daily shower in the saline water, to feel cleansed. I have realised that my routine audience with catharsis was, but, a short spurt of ‘feel better’, as programmed to think. My life was under the sway of melancholic tunes; but in reality, this behaviourism was stinting the growth of positivity within. I am currently working on manifesting abundance of happiness, by finding it in every nook and corner of this great life. Thank you Universe, I am in gratitude to you.


All it requires is focus variability to ‘Let Go’.

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Let go – just temporarily

Patience, submission, acceptance, focus and diligently trying to let go, believing ‘as if’ its happening- only its not! Following a heavy dose of these blended health potions and relishing every sip of the incorporeal nectar, my spirit is still pining for materialisation of my first wish. My five senses are witness to this blank.

So, I wonder if I am questioning my belief? Again? I thought I had vanquished my past demons of questioning and then questioning more, with out getting enough answers to win my permanent devotion ( also as I described in my very first blog- Universe found me).

While I was disappearing slowly but surely in the quick sand of scepticism something within prompted me to calm down, put the questionnaire to the side and connect to my inner self. So, more meditation, more introspection has made me realise that while I have been desiring, I have focussed on the problem as much- with out even being quite aware of it.

Hence, here is my answer- I have desired, meditated and observed all the techniques that internet gurus have taught; however, I need to master letting go now. The best way to do this, I’ve analysed, would be, for me, to pick another scene from the tapestry of life.

May be, I will write about something else too. Short stories- fictional with cliff hanger and adding a bit of kick with spicy spook! After all, this is also true of the spiritual journey , till truth manifests itself. There! I’ve got my alternative focus to let go. Will soon let you know where I got on with fiction and reality. Take good care of yourselves till then.

Is truth also the materialism- LOA?

I seek Universe and believe that I certainly am on the right path; however along this gritty track, I am also kicking a few pebbles out of my way. This post is about these pebbles, seeking a way that is straight and smooth.

After resounding instructions from the youtube, through headphones, and after collaborated practice of meditation, yoga, reflection, introspection, breathing techniques and focus, I have achieved- a positive mindset and belief. Result? I’ve learnt ‘how to desire.’

I was astonished that all those years when I was complaining and whining to the self-created image or entity of god for not bestowing the gifts upon me , as I deserved, I actually wasn’t even aware of what exactly did I desire! The simple sequence of a fulfilled life is- desire, then let the Universe know and receive it. Simple? Yes, in theory, but a few pebbles still remain in the way.

The above theory comes with a small print- a catch. Once you have figured out your desire, you believe in the omnipotent and feel ‘AS IF’ you’ve already received the gift! Now here’s a pebble- I am struggling with the notion of PRETENDING ‘as if’, when actually I haven’t received the desired gift. In my spiritual dictionary, Truth and Reality are synonyms. God is true, hence, real. So my desire is not received till it is actually fulfilled? Not as per the Law Of Attraction, though- ‘not’ pretending sends negative vibes through our sub-conscious to the universe, so we keep churning a state of deprivation.

Now, you see my dilemma! I have the right bunch of keys; but its only one right key that will open the door to my awaiting fulfilled desire. At least, the journey continues with a positive stride.

Till the next blog, take good care of yourselves and stay positive.

Law Of Attraction Finds Me -Then I saw the Universe

I am a traveller on this long and tough path to manifest my destination. By manifestation, of course, I mean, ‘ theory that materialises , apparently’. As per the newest spiritual law re-discovered, manifestation also mean fulfilment of your desire, residing in depths of your sub-conscious- or at least how I have understood at my elementary stage.
There are so many twists and turns on this road and all seem to be right paths. It makes the enduring journey worth every effort, as , hopefully, hundreds of my fellow voyagers would appreciate, who too are searching for ‘what’ or even a ‘who’ is beyond this tangible life.
I started my journey with listening to my parents, like an obedient ward, and following their ritualistic religious based faith. So, I continued with regular prayers; well, no need to mention my particular religion here as all religions are mostly united , at least in their regiment of routine with a vociferous rhetoric of ‘ God is one’, but which one?….. is the 64 million dollar question. My only concern is , what or who is this God- concept? Now that’s the journey I am talking about here.
All through teens and twenties, it was a saga of reading the prayers, bowing down to my favourite imaginary image, a deity or an abstract concept, which keeps the hope for faith alive.

I resisted the notion of ‘ blind faith’ the most and this encouraged me to crack open the door of my parent’s castle of belief, to see what else was out there!
I liked what I saw- a bright light with a new scene in the background!
Technology has helped me a lot in my quest. So I started with reading online translations of my regular prayers in comprehensive English, so I understood what I read, at least partially, if not completely. However, a lot was still outstanding for my understanding.
I had a fair Idea now that all the prayers were prompting me to find my belief, within myself; as Almighty Nirankar……reside in every body.
This reached me nearer to another challenge- How do I meditate correctly? Once again, technology paved the way to finding out through you tube with ear buds secured inside my ears night after night and day after day, listening to spiritual music and numerous meditation techniques. After some practice, I baffled with ‘ what to focus on?’
Currently, I have taken the first exit on this journey. The most efficacious tool of the master search engine, you tube, is holding my hand to introduce me to so many LOA self- proclaimed gurus on sites- Your Universe, Mindbody Spirit, Law Of Attraction Solutions, Jake Ducey, Abraham Hicks, The Secret concept, and my latest influencer, Awesome AJ.
So far, I feel a breath of fresh air, induced through the concept of ‘ Love life’, instead of perpetually been preached to denounce life in preparation for mukti or moksha or liberation or many words to advocate living to prepare for death. I don’t want to live just to die, as it’s going to happen anyway. There’s lots of life to fulfill before that.
It’s absolutely refreshing to recognise my materialistic desires being legitimised without a trace of implied shame or guilt. In fact, most the afore mentioned LOA theorist and practitioners say that one of the strongest resistances to manifest your desire is to feel that ‘ we don’t deserve it’- so true. I am relishing the feeling of breaking the old shackles of self imposed penance, for having desires, worldly ambitions and above all, for thinking that you are worth it.
I feel I am free, not because my desires are manifested already; but because I feel re-born…..and beginning to feel the limitlessness of the Universe! It’s intoxicating and I am loving it, so far.
As I mentioned in the beginning, I still have, don’t know how long, a distance to cover…..or may be it’s all about the Odyssey , the adventures and not reaching , which also connotates, the end.
I am only desiring the first stoppage of manifestation, before the quest continues. Any contributions from my co- travellers and co manifestors, will be greatly appreciated, especially in a positive tone, as negativity imposes resistance.
To the welcome readers- I am a first time blogger and would continue to post about spiritual saga every alternative day.