Is truth also the materialism- LOA?

I seek Universe and believe that I certainly am on the right path; however along this gritty track, I am also kicking a few pebbles out of my way. This post is about these pebbles, seeking a way that is straight and smooth.

After resounding instructions from the youtube, through headphones, and after collaborated practice of meditation, yoga, reflection, introspection, breathing techniques and focus, I have achieved- a positive mindset and belief. Result? I’ve learnt ‘how to desire.’

I was astonished that all those years when I was complaining and whining to the self-created image or entity of god for not bestowing the gifts upon me , as I deserved, I actually wasn’t even aware of what exactly did I desire! The simple sequence of a fulfilled life is- desire, then let the Universe know and receive it. Simple? Yes, in theory, but a few pebbles still remain in the way.

The above theory comes with a small print- a catch. Once you have figured out your desire, you believe in the omnipotent and feel ‘AS IF’ you’ve already received the gift! Now here’s a pebble- I am struggling with the notion of PRETENDING ‘as if’, when actually I haven’t received the desired gift. In my spiritual dictionary, Truth and Reality are synonyms. God is true, hence, real. So my desire is not received till it is actually fulfilled? Not as per the Law Of Attraction, though- ‘not’ pretending sends negative vibes through our sub-conscious to the universe, so we keep churning a state of deprivation.

Now, you see my dilemma! I have the right bunch of keys; but its only one right key that will open the door to my awaiting fulfilled desire. At least, the journey continues with a positive stride.

Till the next blog, take good care of yourselves and stay positive.

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