Right action is, what YOU Feel within

Dance for your self – your audience is within

Just to share what I thought today, during meditation- Yes, ‘thought’. In my experience, thoughts when felt, are the silent language of one’s sub-conscious, and that aligns me to the Universe, as per my belief. Then, I deduced- Meditation is all about tapping into the deepest lying thoughts within. 

So, I focussed on what was knocking at the door of my conscious. I closed my eyes and slowly opened the door, with caution, not sure what might run at me, at this stage.  

Here’s what decanted into my conscious being- A question-’ What action would manifest my desire?’ No answer followed out of the door, yet.   

So, I continued to focus further, which carried me to the deeper inquisition within myself. I saw it lucid now – I had broken the vicious cycle of ritualistic belief to attain the freedom to connect with self (Reference to my first blog-‘Universe found me’) ; and thence, I ventured into meditating twice a day; with patterned focus before sleeping to influence my own dreams that night, maintaining a ledger of my wishes and manifestation, and the list goes on. 

I trusted my sub conscious to lead me further on; and it was revealed- I am getting caught in another set of rules, which too is ritualistic in itself. So, where is my freedom? What am I not seeing or feeling yet? Then, supreme intuition spoke – I can even meditate with my eyes open by remembering the Omnipresence of the Omni Universe, anywhere and at any time. Alignment is not transitory, but perennial. 

With this thought I opened my eyes, to board the ‘Future Express’ to manifestation. 

Thank you Universe for yoking my conscious and sub conscious together, for now.



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