‘Let the sub-conscious lead’

Its not always easy to find exactly ‘what’ you desire, once you do then there is the question of, ‘What action’ to take to manifest it. I have so many questions, but can’t decide which is the right answer. As a result, I find myself at a junction, every so often. 

Once again, I desired to end this incertitude, and turn into right direction. I have learnt, through own experience, that  it’s our conscious that gets confused, at times, to make a choice. Hence, I thought my conscious needs to meet up with the sub conscious first and literally discuss the whole enigma of, how to make the right choice of action to manifest my desire ( I’ve spoken about how to know its the right desire in previous blog). 

I decided to meditate and literally speak with my sub-conscious. How did I know I spoke with my deeper self? Well, I felt it- it felt like a communication within.  My sub- conscious answered, and said that I need to ‘feel’ each selection of choice in my mind. Now, some choices might make you feel like its a wishful thought, some might take you to the road of counting pros and cons; but there will be one that will absolutely resonate with you- no further questions. That’s when you need to open your eye and act to manifest your desire.   

I believe, I am on the right track, so long I stop at the junction to reflect on what’s the right route, for me, before continuing my journey.

The Universe is aligned to our sub-conscious; so speak to your inner-self during meditation. If the sequence of question and answer flows uninterrupted and you feel the tingling in your veins, then you know you are connected with your sub-conscious mind; hence in alignment with the Universe. The action thus taken will yield good results. For example, if your question is which is the befitting job you should go for; then you need to balance your acumen with the role description, unbiased. Reflect and determine which job to apply for- you will feel excited about the prospects and will be successful. Another example could be – question about ‘when will my desire to get a bigger house’ be manifested. The answer would be found in ‘do you really believe in your desire?’ ‘what action is within your means to match this desire.’ Mind, this action could be right investment; or if you have no money but only a sincere desire, then meditation, gratitude and belief are your actions. Once you have engaged your sincerest efforts, leave the manifestation to arrive from the Universe. 

However, if you feel its a forced and biased answer, then, its in fact, the influence of your conscious mind, and your sub-conscious has not spoken- you will not feel happy at heart either. If you still take this action, it will not manifest any results. For example, you are only enticed to a role due to the perks of the job, but no qualifications for it- this is the wrong choice. 

I’ve tried this meditation technique in various cases in personal life, and subsequently have chosen the right action, as per what my sub conscious indicated and was thus blessed by the universe. 

I thought I will share this progression with my fellow practitioners. Happy manifestation.