Law Of Attraction Finds Me -Then I saw the Universe

I am a traveller on this long and tough path to manifest my destination. By manifestation, of course, I mean, ‘ theory that materialises , apparently’. As per the newest spiritual law re-discovered, manifestation also mean fulfilment of your desire, residing in depths of your sub-conscious- or at least how I have understood at my elementary stage.
There are so many twists and turns on this road and all seem to be right paths. It makes the enduring journey worth every effort, as , hopefully, hundreds of my fellow voyagers would appreciate, who too are searching for ‘what’ or even a ‘who’ is beyond this tangible life.
I started my journey with listening to my parents, like an obedient ward, and following their ritualistic religious based faith. So, I continued with regular prayers; well, no need to mention my particular religion here as all religions are mostly united , at least in their regiment of routine with a vociferous rhetoric of ‘ God is one’, but which one?….. is the 64 million dollar question. My only concern is , what or who is this God- concept? Now that’s the journey I am talking about here.
All through teens and twenties, it was a saga of reading the prayers, bowing down to my favourite imaginary image, a deity or an abstract concept, which keeps the hope for faith alive.

I resisted the notion of ‘ blind faith’ the most and this encouraged me to crack open the door of my parent’s castle of belief, to see what else was out there!
I liked what I saw- a bright light with a new scene in the background!
Technology has helped me a lot in my quest. So I started with reading online translations of my regular prayers in comprehensive English, so I understood what I read, at least partially, if not completely. However, a lot was still outstanding for my understanding.
I had a fair Idea now that all the prayers were prompting me to find my belief, within myself; as Almighty Nirankar……reside in every body.
This reached me nearer to another challenge- How do I meditate correctly? Once again, technology paved the way to finding out through you tube with ear buds secured inside my ears night after night and day after day, listening to spiritual music and numerous meditation techniques. After some practice, I baffled with ‘ what to focus on?’
Currently, I have taken the first exit on this journey. The most efficacious tool of the master search engine, you tube, is holding my hand to introduce me to so many LOA self- proclaimed gurus on sites- Your Universe, Mindbody Spirit, Law Of Attraction Solutions, Jake Ducey, Abraham Hicks, The Secret concept, and my latest influencer, Awesome AJ.
So far, I feel a breath of fresh air, induced through the concept of ‘ Love life’, instead of perpetually been preached to denounce life in preparation for mukti or moksha or liberation or many words to advocate living to prepare for death. I don’t want to live just to die, as it’s going to happen anyway. There’s lots of life to fulfill before that.
It’s absolutely refreshing to recognise my materialistic desires being legitimised without a trace of implied shame or guilt. In fact, most the afore mentioned LOA theorist and practitioners say that one of the strongest resistances to manifest your desire is to feel that ‘ we don’t deserve it’- so true. I am relishing the feeling of breaking the old shackles of self imposed penance, for having desires, worldly ambitions and above all, for thinking that you are worth it.
I feel I am free, not because my desires are manifested already; but because I feel re-born…..and beginning to feel the limitlessness of the Universe! It’s intoxicating and I am loving it, so far.
As I mentioned in the beginning, I still have, don’t know how long, a distance to cover…..or may be it’s all about the Odyssey , the adventures and not reaching , which also connotates, the end.
I am only desiring the first stoppage of manifestation, before the quest continues. Any contributions from my co- travellers and co manifestors, will be greatly appreciated, especially in a positive tone, as negativity imposes resistance.
To the welcome readers- I am a first time blogger and would continue to post about spiritual saga every alternative day.

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