Only you can influence your mind to manifest

Journey to attract positivity

I have written about ‘pebbles’ or hurdles that we must over come before aligning with the universal vibration and start manifesting. This is a continuation of sharing how after going through the various stages of mental thoughts I started manifesting. Phase 1- This is a quest to ‘our’ ultimate bliss, but let’s not ignore that there will be doubts and questions along the path. Remember that a pigeon can close its eyes but the cat will still be there. So we need to learn to confront and fight the scepticism by accepting it’s presence, first of all. Otherwise, it will always be lurking there in the back in your mind, generating negative energy. That’s exactly what I did- made a fist and took my best punch at the first doubt; I smashed it. I challenged every doubt I had with an open debate within my inner mind. I have discussed the process in length in one of the previous blogs on how to meditate. I realised that most of these questions were rooted deep in my past, as I have been so accustomed to failing that success remained just a wish I desperately wanted to materialise. So my next target was to disjoin this involuntary attachment to my past and save my present from the painful memoirs. This led me to my next phase in the mission. Phase 2- To detach, I had to confront my festering anger, sadness and stress , that was beginning to take root in my sub-conscious. So I found an easier way to accomplish victory over this octopus of pessimism and gloom. I wrote to re-define those who had hurt me in a group post, ‘Hopeful Optimists’ on Facebook. I wrote, ‘Those who hurt and judge others are attention seekers with low self esteem. We must starve them of our emotions, for they have fed on our generosity for far too long. Forgive yourself for being weak in the past and strengthen your current vibrations. Forget the vermin of hate and lock them out in to oblivion. You don’t live in your past any more, for you have vacated that haunted house a long time ago. Start afresh right away, as you owe this to yourself. Raise your aura and manifest health and wealth, so you live happily ever after’. I received many ‘likes’ and like minded comments in response. This worked as a therapy. My own words became my teacher. This was, in fact a blessing of the almighty. Phase 3- Now, I was successfully moving away from my past, with each day and each meditation session, the distance seem to be gaining grounds. I started writing more and more positive quotes and articles, so that I continued to remember, ‘ Two men looked out through the prison bar; One saw the mud and the other saw the star’. I wanted to be the one who always saw the star; and every time I thought this , I felt the doors of the prison unlocking, to my freedom. Phase 4- I started affirming positivity consistently- the first thing after I woke up in the morning and the last thing before I went to bed. One of my affirmations consisted of these words, ‘ If a Night has a Day and a Desert has a Sea, Then my issues have at least one resolution’. I practically strated kicking at least one pebble from my path every day. One of the desires I had at this stage was to receive abundance of health, due a few problems diagnosed recently. I have discussed diagnosis of rosacea and its impact on me psychologically, in my blog before . I told my family one day that I refuse to accept that I have this condition. While my family was a bit confused, I knew exactly what I needed to do- ‘Believe’ I was healthy and my skin was glowing. This was a daily affirmation. So, after only a couple of days the symptoms calmed down and after further few months, I am being medically advised that it wasn’t rosacea but skin allergy due to a certain detergent! I knew its not a coincidence, and I HAVE MANIFESTED my desire. Thanks to the benevolent Universe. The reason I have shared my experience with fellow followers of LOA, is the fact that to feel down or negative is a human tendency but don’t beat yourself up if these thoughts prick at your focus from time to time , so long you remember to ask for the supreme guidance and manage these interruptions, you are on the right track. I confronted my foes by seeing them as weaklings and insects that suck on your blood. So I used my own inner strength as a repellent. I didn’t have to forgive them by putting my own self in the back seat. Instead, I forgave myself for allowing them around me for so long; it helped me to forget by discarding the rubbish that my life did not need. I changed my thought pattern to see glass half full, not half empty. After all, ‘Nothing is good or bad in this world, but thinking makes it so.’ I hope, as always, that hearing about a first hand experience of someone like me, is a greater motivation to pursue the right path, than just getting a repeat prescription of LOA techniques.

Face your doubts to overcome them

Out of cactus blooms a flower of belief

I would start with a positive note- It’s absolutely fine to have doubts, in a situation that is very close to your heart- for it’s passion and a strong feeling is in direct touch with your sub-conscious. Now this might not be a conventional thought amongst some LOA followers, but it is my experience that has proved it, for me. So, I say with conviction- It is natural and very human, thus, alright to have doubts, while following the Law.  I’ll share my recent experience with you. I was very satisfied with my progress , as I was meditating regularly, getting connected to my innerself, feeling happy. Just then, I received diagnosis from my doctor that I suffered from skin condition called, Rosacea. For few weeks I constantly experienced burning and flushing of face skin, looking like a red chilli on fire. I couldn’t go out with family or friends, I couldn’t sleep properly, I couldn’t focus during meditation which led to stop meditating altogether, feeling sorry for my poor self. This threw me out of the tempo of my vibration. Over the next few days, I started contemplating questions, like, does LOA really work? why didn’t my meditations cast a shadow on what was coming? what did I do to deserve this? why did it have to happen to me? and the rebel mind took me on a naughty spree of doubting in other areas of life, some from another time zone in the past. One night the struggle inside woke me up and I realised my state of happiness that I had achieved through meditation practice,  was evaporating in front of my eyes- unless, I did something about it and right away. So I did, what I should have, thanks to the guidance of the Universe.  I sat down with my eyes closed and grounded my focus. It was MY time with my raw thoughts. I started asking myself one core question ( Ref:  how questioning helps in my blog on ‘Meditation technique’)- Where am I with my belief now? Has this episode shaken or perhaps broken my belief? How am I going to proceed from here in my faith? I knew in the depths of my heart that I believed in the omni power- no doubts there at all; and this was a good starting point, but  I needed moral support in my pursuit. I thought high and deep before starting to see the whole picture in the new light of realisation- Rosacea is not a life threatening condition- I have my other health faculties in tact, I can manage it and live a normal life. This was the beginning of positive light shining back again on my world. I felt more and more positive despite the diagnosis, and I held on to this positivity when meditating by being grateful for many blessings that enriched my life. One day when I was feeling particularly cheerful after a relaxing meditation session, I received a phone call from my friend who was in urgent need, so I hurried to get ready and forgot to apply my routine Rosiced cream and sun screen on to protect my ultra sensitive skin- it was one of the hot sunny days during the recent sizzling summer. Usually, it would mean that my face looked like a red tomato and on fire for hours or even days. I helped my friend with whatever was required of me and it was not before the evening that I realised I didn’t feel the usual sting on my face, nor was my face flushed despite all the sun soaking. I must have visited the mirror a ten times to confirm and each time I thanked the almighty for it was no less than a miracle- those who suffer from rosacea can appreciate the feeling.
I just smiled and said to the Universe in my heart, ‘ When I have your blessings, I don’t need to worry about any thing, as you are my saviour.’ I couldn’t offer enough gratitude to my maker, the Nirankar .
The next day, I moved around normally as I did before the diagnosis and I still have been fine since- its been two months now. I am leading a healthy and normal life; a gift from the Omni potent- thank you. 
I might have rosacea medically, but the suffering due to this condition has been mitigated by holding on to my belief , by grace of the universe. 
Difficulties are made to be overcome – so true. Doubts and questioning are, by no means, signs of becoming a non- believer or succumbing to a transitory weakness. We are allowed to be frail, at times, so long we ask for guidance from the universe. However, when we start wallowing in self pity and become a victim in our own eyes shutting out any possibility of a resolution – there is a great peril of attracting more situations to feel morose. This was my motivation to seek spiritual guidance against how I felt at that moment, rather than sink further in to a cathartic whirlpool.
I trust my belief has come out of the fire of test , feeling even stronger than before. Out of cactus has bloomed a flower of faith. Thank you Universe for your benevolence. 
Where I am happy to share my experience with the fellow believers, I would also like to insist that I am not by any reference advocating anyone to skip taking their medication or ignoring any medical advice. We need to find our core within in our own individual way. But it’s good to know that we are not alone. 

Meditation technique that worked for me

It started with trying, then trying a bit more, only to get frustrated as NOTHING was happening- I mean, I felt nothing and I saw nothing during the ritual of daily meditation, despite following instructions of every LOA pundit that I had read or listened to. Not their fault, it was me – I was not being receptive, despite my best efforts. May be I was trying too hard and not enjoying the process. So, one day, I decided to venture into something , which resonated with me. 

So far, I was desperately seeking to connect with the Universe, to feel aligned with it’s frequency. But why? So that I could achieve a state of mind appropriate to present my desire to the Omnipotent, for fulfilment. I went through stages to reach at this level.  

stage 1-

I closed my eyes and started meditation with breathing exercises, but with a slight variation from earlier practice- While inhaling, I would invoke a feeling of ‘taking in ‘ the belief in the universe’, ‘taking in all the love’, ‘taking in all the peace’, and so on; and while exhaling, I practised feeling ‘out with the doubts’, ‘out with the hatred’, ‘out with distractions’, and so forth. 

Stage 2-  

Once I had grounded myself, I proceeded by thanking the Almighty and focused into the quiet and tranquil stillness. I must admit that the most intense challenge was to calm my overzealous wandering mind. As anyone can imagine, I didn’t succeed in the very first attempt, nor even the second  time. In fact after much perseverance, I could focus in to my inner emptiness, to the extent that I felt peaceful being one with the darkness behind the closed eyes – Just me and nothingness, except my breathing. It’s so serene. 

Stage 3- 

Now it was time to step up to the next level. While meditating, I started asking myself- ‘So where am I with what I desire and how do I proceed from here?’ The next question was ‘Who will answer these questions?’ Then, it downed on me- I need to understand the concept of consciousness, which has a direct link with the universe. It meant comprehending my consciousness at 3 different levels- 

  1. My conscious is the metaphysical state of mind that guides me through day to day thinking and functions of life generally. It also manages our wishful thinking. It was my conscious that first steered me towards LOA, by waking up the thought of ‘wanting more in life’ inside me.
  2. My sub-conscious guards me with what is actually right or wrong for me. Its also called the sixth sense or gut feeling. This is the level at which I will be convinced, without a doubt, what desire is best for me. Its frequency is always aligned with the Omnipresent. But if conscious is always conveying negativity, without listening to what sub-conscious has to say, then that’s what is picked by the Universe through our vibes.
  3. My un-conscious stores all my life experiences and related feelings. When a smell or a song or any reference  takes you back in the past to a related experience, its under the influence of the unconscious. It has the power to send positive or negative vibrations to sub-conscious and conscious mind.  

         In other words, when conscious mind reacts to negative stimuli, but  the wise man in the middle, our sub-conscious, is ignored, the un-conscious mind instigate the matching negative sad memories from the past records of life.  The vibration of such a state attracts, involuntarily and in ignorance, a manifestation of more negativity from the universe,  

Stage 4- 

Now that I realised I needed to address my inner self, I focused for each of these consciousness states to openly communicate with one another by working in harmony , for my ultimate benefit.   

My conscious motivates me daily to meditate with all its prescriptive steps of finding a quiet place to sit, breathing, closing the eyes etc. 

Once a state of peace is felt, that’s the  spot where sub-conscious meets my conscious mind. At this stage sub-conscious would respond to all the questions of my conscious mind, with elucidation.  To confirm that its the sub-conscious that has spoken, there has to be no influence of the conscious self. In other words, no wishful thinking without actual belief, but only gut feeling. Once, the conscious and the sub-conscious  are working  collaboratively, they would coach and guide the unconscious mind to sweep out the garbage of old hurtful, sad and regrettable memories, so that I am left in a happy and positive state of mind. Now, my inner being was brought together as one entity with all the three separate levels of consciousness becoming ‘ONE Conscious’ within myself.

With daily practice, it soon started working with a flow. It was time to explore the next level. 

Stage 5- 

At this stage I found myself at peace and felt absolutely free. There was a compulsive desire to connect with the Universe itself. So my conscious questioned,” How do I get in to the spiritual periphery ?” 

My sub-conscious spoke to me, ‘ Through gratitude. Don’t  deliberate too much on your desire itself or what you don’t have. Rather thank the supreme power for all the good factors in your life, starting with LIFE itself.’ Message was loud and clear. So I started thanking my Maker for my life, for the lives of my dear ones, for the roof over my head, for the food and water I am blessed with… and I actually found that I have a lot to be grateful about. My life was far better than I thought. Yes, I still desired more and I deserve it, but I was in a much happier place  with what I currently possessed too. I found I had reached the mindset through my ‘one-consciousness’, that would prompt the right desire to make me feel abundant.  I was ready to move forward.   

Step 6- 

I sat down for meditation, and after reaching the happy state (as per step 5), I thought about my current desire. I started through the sequence of questions ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’, etc. while analysing the desire. For example, I think this role is good for me > why is it good > I deserve a better job> what else>More money> Is it only the money > no, there are other perks >what will I do with better perks > improve my life style> how can I get the role> by showing my abilities>how>applying for it> > How will I feel if I actually get this job> thankful and happy. Everyone’s question sequence can be different, but must reach the same point of thankfulness and happiness in the end, I believe.  

So this is how I found to determine what desire was right for me- by reaching the point of carefree joyfulness, not just in theory but actually feeling it in the veins.
Stage 7-
Once, I have chosen the desire, there was a last push left for actually manifestation. Once I was at a stage of feeling complete exhilaration, I also felt transcended and no words can possibly describe that experience, except through undergoing it yourself. 
This is when I would say to the universe, with humility and love, that I am ‘Ready To Receive’. Then leave the ‘How’ and the ‘When’ to the Omni power to work out for me. This is also the point when I let go, because I am confident that my request is heard and delivery is on its way. The best way, for me, to let go has been by diverting my thoughts to another exciting stimulus.
I am happy to share my experience and progression with fellow seekers. Happy manifestation.

A story about the sign from the Universe

I know ‘what’ to desire and ‘how’ to desire, so what now? I suppose I need a sign/a symbol from the Universe to affirm manifestation, I thought. Hence, I started with meditation, as usual , and connected with my desire, to really feel it in my veins – the sensation of goose pimples, the excitement of a racing heart, the feeling of an involuntary smile and a compulsive sense of excitement. (Reference: Meditation technique that worked for me). 

Now, it was time for the next elevation- feel my manifestation itself. While connected to my inner self, my sub-conscious, I desired for a symbol from the Universe as a sign of blessing – a prologue to my hymn of manifestation. I wished for seeing a ‘rainbow’ ! 

I kept my eyes peeled in search for that multi-coloured band amongst the cloud, in the clear sky, on tele screen, in books I was reading; but I did not find the precious rainbow anywhere my imagination, my eyes or my ears could take me. 

Once again, I invoked my sub-conscious and asked the question and it responded- Not getting an apparent sign, is also a SIGN. It means that as per the design of the Universe, its not yet the time to receive- as simple as that. I continued with my meditation to dig further in to the connotations of this response. Here it is- I needed to show my commitment to my desire further, by finding out the right frequency within, to align with the Omnipresent. I was satisfied with this, but deep down somewhere was still craving for a sign to bless this conversation with my sub-conscious. 

The same afternoon, I went to the superstore for shopping, and suddenly there it was! The sign from the Universe, the blessing of the Almighty- A cake with a rainbow on top! I had been to this supermarket a thousand times, but had never ever seen this design on cake before. I came home and turned on the tele; news was on and guess what? It was weather forecast on the screen with a huge rainbow in the background! Just then postman delivered letters and amongst the pile was a promotional pamphlet on womens health, with rainbow on its cover!!!   – I got my satisfaction, as also a clarification that the Universe was communicating with me all the time- when I couldn’t see the sign and when I did see the sign. 

The Universe has left up to us to figure out the ‘WHAT’ , but the ‘HOW’ and the ‘WHEN’ is up to the universe to decide. So, you can do what I am practising- meditation, gratitude, affirmation, visualisation and then thank some more. You could have some other routine on your mind, so carry on with what satisfies your belief- but please remember, Universe will deliver when you are really ready to open that door to receive the package.  

Happy manifestation.