All it requires is focus variability to ‘Let Go’.

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Let go – just temporarily

Patience, submission, acceptance, focus and diligently trying to let go, believing ‘as if’ its happening- only its not! Following a heavy dose of these blended health potions and relishing every sip of the incorporeal nectar, my spirit is still pining for materialisation of my first wish. My five senses are witness to this blank.

So, I wonder if I am questioning my belief? Again? I thought I had vanquished my past demons of questioning and then questioning more, with out getting enough answers to win my permanent devotion ( also as I described in my very first blog- Universe found me).

While I was disappearing slowly but surely in the quick sand of scepticism something within prompted me to calm down, put the questionnaire to the side and connect to my inner self. So, more meditation, more introspection has made me realise that while I have been desiring, I have focussed on the problem as much- with out even being quite aware of it.

Hence, here is my answer- I have desired, meditated and observed all the techniques that internet gurus have taught; however, I need to master letting go now. The best way to do this, I’ve analysed, would be, for me, to pick another scene from the tapestry of life.

May be, I will write about something else too. Short stories- fictional with cliff hanger and adding a bit of kick with spicy spook! After all, this is also true of the spiritual journey , till truth manifests itself. There! I’ve got my alternative focus to let go. Will soon let you know where I got on with fiction and reality. Take good care of yourselves till then.

2 thoughts on “All it requires is focus variability to ‘Let Go’.

  1. Oh, my God! It seems I’ve lost all your recent GREAT posts, due to WordPress reader! It doesn’t show your recent posts.
    Anyway, so inspirational writing, just as always. Thank you.

    Many blessings, დდდ


    1. Thank you for your motivational feedback. Means a lot. I reciprocate by appreciating your blog with fantastic art pieces, so dainty, diverse, symphonic, and meaningful. Always enjoy your blog posts. It’s a shame that you couldn’t see my latest posts, WordPress’s live chat is quite helpful in my experience. Hope you could stay connected. Thank you. Stay safe.


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