Only you can influence your mind to manifest

Journey to attract positivity

I have written about ‘pebbles’ or hurdles that we must over come before aligning with the universal vibration and start manifesting. This is a continuation of sharing how after going through the various stages of mental thoughts I started manifesting. Phase 1- This is a quest to ‘our’ ultimate bliss, but let’s not ignore that there will be doubts and questions along the path. Remember that a pigeon can close its eyes but the cat will still be there. So we need to learn to confront and fight the scepticism by accepting it’s presence, first of all. Otherwise, it will always be lurking there in the back in your mind, generating negative energy. That’s exactly what I did- made a fist and took my best punch at the first doubt; I smashed it. I challenged every doubt I had with an open debate within my inner mind. I have discussed the process in length in one of the previous blogs on how to meditate. I realised that most of these questions were rooted deep in my past, as I have been so accustomed to failing that success remained just a wish I desperately wanted to materialise. So my next target was to disjoin this involuntary attachment to my past and save my present from the painful memoirs. This led me to my next phase in the mission. Phase 2- To detach, I had to confront my festering anger, sadness and stress , that was beginning to take root in my sub-conscious. So I found an easier way to accomplish victory over this octopus of pessimism and gloom. I wrote to re-define those who had hurt me in a group post, ‘Hopeful Optimists’ on Facebook. I wrote, ‘Those who hurt and judge others are attention seekers with low self esteem. We must starve them of our emotions, for they have fed on our generosity for far too long. Forgive yourself for being weak in the past and strengthen your current vibrations. Forget the vermin of hate and lock them out in to oblivion. You don’t live in your past any more, for you have vacated that haunted house a long time ago. Start afresh right away, as you owe this to yourself. Raise your aura and manifest health and wealth, so you live happily ever after’. I received many ‘likes’ and like minded comments in response. This worked as a therapy. My own words became my teacher. This was, in fact a blessing of the almighty. Phase 3- Now, I was successfully moving away from my past, with each day and each meditation session, the distance seem to be gaining grounds. I started writing more and more positive quotes and articles, so that I continued to remember, ‘ Two men looked out through the prison bar; One saw the mud and the other saw the star’. I wanted to be the one who always saw the star; and every time I thought this , I felt the doors of the prison unlocking, to my freedom. Phase 4- I started affirming positivity consistently- the first thing after I woke up in the morning and the last thing before I went to bed. One of my affirmations consisted of these words, ‘ If a Night has a Day and a Desert has a Sea, Then my issues have at least one resolution’. I practically strated kicking at least one pebble from my path every day. One of the desires I had at this stage was to receive abundance of health, due a few problems diagnosed recently. I have discussed diagnosis of rosacea and its impact on me psychologically, in my blog before . I told my family one day that I refuse to accept that I have this condition. While my family was a bit confused, I knew exactly what I needed to do- ‘Believe’ I was healthy and my skin was glowing. This was a daily affirmation. So, after only a couple of days the symptoms calmed down and after further few months, I am being medically advised that it wasn’t rosacea but skin allergy due to a certain detergent! I knew its not a coincidence, and I HAVE MANIFESTED my desire. Thanks to the benevolent Universe. The reason I have shared my experience with fellow followers of LOA, is the fact that to feel down or negative is a human tendency but don’t beat yourself up if these thoughts prick at your focus from time to time , so long you remember to ask for the supreme guidance and manage these interruptions, you are on the right track. I confronted my foes by seeing them as weaklings and insects that suck on your blood. So I used my own inner strength as a repellent. I didn’t have to forgive them by putting my own self in the back seat. Instead, I forgave myself for allowing them around me for so long; it helped me to forget by discarding the rubbish that my life did not need. I changed my thought pattern to see glass half full, not half empty. After all, ‘Nothing is good or bad in this world, but thinking makes it so.’ I hope, as always, that hearing about a first hand experience of someone like me, is a greater motivation to pursue the right path, than just getting a repeat prescription of LOA techniques.

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