Invent your own technique, which works for you

Choose your own fragrance

Over a period of time, I’ve listened to and read many Law of Attraction coaches, motivators and speakers. I learnt more techniques and methods than the desires I aim to manifest. Being a beginner, I practised a lot of these methods- some worked but some just don’t do what it says on the tin for me. I am going to talk about a few techniques which didn’t work for me and before they totally frustrated me, I found my own method which worked and I thank Universe, the Nirankar, for showing me the right path. I also want to stress on the fact that the following findings are purely from my own experience, and might not resonate with all. The Two glass technique– Its based on using two clear glass tumblers and sticky labels – to write your current position and stick it to one of the glasses. Then write what you desire on the second label and stick to the second glass. Now fill the first glass with water, contemplate with real focus for about 2-3 minutes about why and what you don’t like in your current situation (reason to change circumstances), then pour out water in to the second glass with your desire written on the label. Focus again for 2-3 minutes on how would you feel/ what would you do etc with changed situation. In the end, drink this water, and based on the fact that water has memory and carries energy, it will be consumed with positive memory about your desire, now sent to your sub-conscious mind. My view: LOA is all about thinking and feeling positive all the time. Practise to create a positive mind set prior to desiring and obviously, manifesting. that’s why we meditate and ground our inner self first . So, spending 2-3 minutes concentrating and focusing on negative situation that you want to change is quite the contrary to the basis of LOA, especially with water in the glass which is memorising it all. Then pour it out and start creating positive vibes from your own creation of negative memory in the first glass is , frankly, pointless. No wonder, it didn’t work. But I was not disheartened. I pursued with what made sense to me – water has memory and most religions in the world practise ceremonies and rituals involving water, which is also considered to be sacred. We have rivers Urubamba, Jordan, Osun or Ganges, as few examples. For me, water is essential for life and I am creating a better life for myself. So I Tweaked the technique : I used only one glass, filled with water and labelled it with what I desired to manifest. I focused and prayed to the Omnipotent, the omni energy- The Universe. I felt happy while focusing on the prospect of manifesting my heartfelt desire. I desired to be able to leave my job at the time, which to me, was becoming a source of negativity due to the nature of my role. But while focusing and meditating with the glass of water, I didn’t, even once, thought of why I so wanted to leave the current job. My big question was financial sustainability if I was to leave. Then, Voluntary Redundancy came through at work, unexpectedly, and I was able to leave. Thank you Almighty. 555 Technique: This technique works on the principle of writing your desire 55 times for 5 days regularly without a gap. My view : Needless to say here- it did not work for me either. Then I also thought about a lot of those people who might not be able to read or write, due to various reasons like, medical reason. Also those who might be doing lots of overtime, dependents at home, etc etc can’t afford a lot of time required to write continuously at length without break , for the technique to work. So I Tweaked the Technique: I meditated, I focused and wrote my desire only once. Once again, I emptied my mind of all other thoughts except what I desired. This time I prayed for meeting up with a friend I had lost contact with due to long distance between us. I left the how and the when in the capable hands of the omnipresent. I received a phone call with in a week from my friend to tell me that she is visiting UK with her family and would like to meet up for a catch up. How wonderful! Thank you again Universe, my Akal Purakh. Thank Universe 21 times before sleeping Technique : Thank Universe 21 times before going to bed daily, so your dreams will be influenced with positive message and when you wake up, you would already be in a happy state of mind- ready to manifest. My View: Why limit or stretch thanking to 21 times ? Actually, why put any number to it at all? So I Tweaked the Technique: I always remember to thank the Universal energy, sometimes only once when I first wake up: ‘Thank you Universe for my life.’ Other times, I might thank Universe for all other blessings I have been bestowed, ‘Thank you for happy family life’, ‘Thank you for health’, and so on. I don’t count, but use my energy in feeling my gratitude, not stressing about numbers…was it the 5th thanks or 6th now…I thank sincerely and it makes me feel happy within and that’s what counts, at least for me. There are other techniques that I have either discarded completely, or as I’ve said here ‘tweaked’; however, the aim of my blog is not to challenge any technique/practice/ritual, but to share my experience with hundreds of my fellow manifesters, who might not yet be getting the success they are hoping from LOA, and are learning just like me. It’s nice to have an idea as a beginner and supportive guidance, no doubt. It’s like learning to ride a bicycle- you need the initial support from your parent who is an experienced rider, then you fall, then you pick yourself up and then you ride to where you’ve marked your destination. I feel that spiritualism is a very individual journey, and LOA is certainly part of this spiritual quest. I believe that its alright to listen to others with experience, however remember not to be afraid to invent your own path, if it resonates with your heart and mind. It’s all about how you feel inside while executing any action towards manifesting your desire. I thank the Universe for showing me my path, which is right for me. The only technique I need now is to meditate with undivided focus on my desire, and feeling happy and content while desiring

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