The Universe has feelings too

Universe looks through our feelings

You must have heard from diverse sources that the Universe is an energy, made of atoms, heat, light, radiation, sound, electricity, and yes, yes, you get the gist! I’ve heard a lot of that too and it made good sense to me but only partial sense. There was something still missing, for me. So I had two choices- either adapt to this theory wholly and thus blindly; or put the thesis to a test by practising its principles sincerely and truly to accept the revelation.
As usual, I sat down in meditation to ground myself first ( I have talked about meditation in previous blogs). All my life I have loved the concept of God and believed that He/She loves me back too. But now, I wanted to try the new thesis by endeavouring to desensitise myself, to align with the Universe. While meditating, I tried to brain wash myself to accept that the Omni power had no emotions at all, so it couldn’t have cared about my emotions either. Believe me guys, I tried, really did, and it made me very sad and sadder.
To think that the benevolent mother nature was just an emotionless force of some kind, but who would give me what I desired, if I asked for it with true heart! What?! I couldn’t fathom this paradox. Isn’t the concept of Desire itself emotion bound? And hang on- How come this fire ball of force was benevolent if it felt nothing ? Benevolence is emotion. Why does it care what I desire? Care and desire – familiar feelings . Why would it allow me to align with its own frequency only through my feelings then? So, here was a reference to feelings again.
Considering another hypothesis- a desire with obsessive yearning, however sincere and deeply felt, wouldn’t be granted by the impersonal Universe, because it involves negative feelings. So why so much emphasis on positivity alone? After all positive and negative are both equal forces, regardless of the fact that they are opposite. More over isn’t positivity and negativity both emotion derived states of mind? I had so many questions wrestling within my mind to jump the queue to get an answer. So, I started with a logical sequence.
‘What or who I think is ME?’ I was happy with the explanation that came through from within- ‘I am a creation of five collated nature elements – Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire.’ The Universe, so far, was scoring as science of Physics, I thought.
This promoted me to find out, ‘ Who has created me?’ I got this one – God, Karta Purakh ( The all doer), the Universe, call it by any name but ‘that’ created me! Now I was getting somewhere- how exciting!
I had another mystery to solve now – ‘ Where have the five elements come from?’ It was obvious, ‘From the Universe.’ I had some of my answers, and now I had to put the jig saw puzzle together to understand whether the Universe is only a ball of feelingless energy, or there is more to it.
My belief reminded me that I am created by the Universe and out of the elements in the Universe ( though Universe has a lot more, but its a topic for another time). So, it explained a lot about the energy and force within me as a human being, which many sources also define as ‘human potential’ and therefore teach us to ‘believe in own self’. Yes, understood and I agree with these sources. Everything was still moving towards the theory of Physics. Sciences may also add six other elements attributing towards 99% of my physical constitution. I accept this as fact too.

But something within me poked to realise that I am more than just the five nature elements. What was this ‘more than‘?
I strongly felt that it was my ability to think and feel; so, it was my Mind making me more than just a concoction of chemicals and elements. The Law of Attraction works through the balance of ‘like attracts like’; a positive state of mind is a must before even reaching the stage of desiring and one must feel the happiness in the very bones, to manifest a desire. No room for negativity – I am a great fan and follower of this principle. After all, it has been said inexhaustibly that our thoughts make our feelings which become our actions, and a personality is thus born. It absolutely resonates with me that we need to think positive and feel happy all the time; so a solid foundation is laid to build our desire on. But why need the emotion of happiness for this?
The consequent finding is an offspring of my meditative experience mating with my feelings settled in the sub-conscious. The philosophy of ‘ happy mind aligning with the frequency of the Universe to manifest desires’, meant that the Universe responds to feelings ! Fantastic! It deduces that the Universe is more than just a science of Physics! This was MY truth.
I have also heard the analogy of ‘electricity’ been used to desensitise the Universe. It states that Universe is like electric current that is constantly running and its up to you to plug in to charge whatever gadget ( Desire in other words) you would like to operate, not caring whether its the fan you desire to switch on or charge your mobile phone. True, very true, but once again, only partially true. If Mind is real, our Thoughts are real, if thoughts are real then Feelings are real and if feelings are real, the Sub-conscious is real and if conscious exists at any level, then Morals are real too. Yes, Universe will bless us with our desire that is felt and visualised at the very sub-conscious level, but I doubt that the Universe will sign a blank cheque either.
The Universe does not condone immorality, as per my belief. For example, if I desire with a conscious mind to render myself an abundant life even though I know the action towards it means depriving someone else, I can use any technique but doubt this desire will be fulfilled, and if it does somehow, it will only come with repercussions. I have lived enough to believe that this is true. If the desire is not ‘aimed’ at harming a fellow human being, or there is no ‘conscious’ negative action towards fulfilling own dream, then it’s another matter, like in case of buying a lottery ticket. In other words, no malice should be intended. Human beings choose their own karma and reap what they sow. So it makes complete sense- No room for negativity if you desire manifestation.
Who put this design in place? My answer- the Universe. I categorically accept that the Universe is fair and impartial and has laid the rule of ‘like attracts like’, which conjectures our feelings beget what we receive in reality. All true; however, Universe is impartial not because of lack of feelings, rather, it grants everything in reciprocation to the feelings with which a desire has been conceived. Universe is fair because there are moral ground rules to desire and manifestation. So, morals play their part in what we desire and what action we invest towards achieving it.
Now, the juxtaposition of two conflicting thoughts was resolved for me : On one hand, the Universe was an abstract powerful ball of air with all the forces listed above; and on the other hand Universe gave us what we thought and how we felt! The truth is the combination of both these notions, and still involves some more revelations added to get the whole truth. Everyone receive their own truth from within through further self analysis and soul search.
How we feel, raises our vibration, connecting/ aligning us with the frequency of the Universe, who reciprocates with similar feelings by blessing us with manifestation of our desires. Truth is so simple once you’ve kicked the pebbles out of the way. I opened my eyes at this point and said, ” Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe for creating me in your own image. You are my mother and my father. You do care about my needs and bless me with your choicest gifts – I know you love me too!”
With this I let all my tears shower me to baptism of true belief – ‘The Universe feels too!’ Fantastic! Now I could meditate, I could connect to my sub conscious as my Universe lived there, inside me and knew about my desires even before I could reach them at that depth. I actually started believing in my desires, so manifestation was the only common-sense conclusion. I have never been as happy as I am now; and best part of it- I don’t have to pretend to be happy and act out the ‘as if’ anymore. But more about the ‘as if’ part in my next blog.
It has been my very personal resolution for the past quite some time- never to accept any theory blindly, and I do not hesitate to ask a question and test a theory, to know the truth first hand – then, and only then, I would submit to a philosophy. But when one submits, one must stick to it.
As I mentioned above- this is MY experience and MY truth. But as always, I wanted to share this truth with the fellow pilgrims who too are on their way to the shrine of Manifestation. The aim here was not to challenge any theories or theorists but to build up on those thesis for seeing the truth from another dimension.
In my peace, I thank you for your blessing my Nirankar( formless and Omnipresent power) , my Karta Purakh ( All doer), my Universe of more sciences than have been discovered so far. Hence, spiritualism is an ongoing journey. Stay blessed.

Action means, sharing the ‘HOW’ with The Universe

For rather a long time I practised to leave the ‘HOW’ part of the manifestation to the Universe to get on with, while I waited for the treasure to be showered from above. Guess what ? I waited and waited, before doing something about it. Every time, I tried to visualise and was just beginning to get immersed in my thoughts to actually start feeling my desire, it was time to let my dream drift away from me, for an imaginary voice would say inaudibly- ‘Now let go and leave the how and the when to the Universe.’ I found that quite frustrating and yes, it generated negativity, which would negate manifestation. The most conflicting bit of the echoing lectures I had absorbed was the fact that they advocated letting go and taking action at the same time!? To me, taking action or working towards, is in fact, influencing ‘how to make it happen’ too. Another enigma for me has been the rather obsessive preaching of the theory of ‘Let go’? I had to, once again, ground myself to resolve this confusion, by connecting with my subconscious- my confidante, my best friend. I knew that I had to invest an action towards my desire- but what would this action be? Do I need to let go, if yes, then what and how? As always, the answer reverberated from within! It was divulged that I could be a co-author of my destiny, sharing the script writing with non other than, The Universe itself – beginning by sowing the seed of desire, nurturing the middle sprout of action and reaping the fruit of manifestation as the perfect ending. Wow! what a blockbuster this plot could be! What I discovered, practised and received in my experience is what I share with you all in this blog.
What is Action- My first stumbling block: Does it mean working hard in a job or business? I asked myself what job could I do now, after retirement? I had worked for most of my adult life and what I earned so far didn’t build a luxurious life for me. Also even if I do find a job again, would that be enough to support my desire for abundant life? Absolutely not. If Universe had a design for me to be a successful entrepreneur, I would be blessed with business acumen. Your action is in balance with your abilities. So what capabilities have the Universe bestowed upon me? The answer to this was the key to the hidden treasure that the Akal Purakh had embedded inside me, even before I was born. I opened the vault and found my capabilities, my abundance acumen. I realised that I could Love – both, my maker and myself, as his/her creation. In order to experience this pure love, I could meditate and connect to the sub-conscious , thus aligning with the Universe (Ref: my previous blog on meditation techniques). This was the first step, my first Action.
What other ability did I have? I am able to be happy and feel content with current life. I used the feeling as a trampoline to get higher. I found my next course of Action- Practise to perpetuate a happy mind set. Now the seed was sown and I needed to nourish it to grow in to a plant and then perhaps in to a tree.
In order to manifest, a desire need to feel real, and for my desire to spring to life, I practised to visualise it as if it was happening NOW! Another Action point for me. I started dreaming, regardless of whether my eyes were closed in sleep or open when awake. This was the envision of my life I had started to live within, already. The sprout had pushed open the ground with the help of my action to visualise.
What else am I equipped to do that could contribute towards my manifestation? A hidden talent? Yes, exactly. I inherited the flavour for creative writing from my parents. I first wrote a poem, a very amateur attempt, nevertheless, a few rhythmic lines put together when I was only nine years old, followed by a few adventures with the pen in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and of course English, all through my university life. Then, with responsibilities as a parent, this gift of God was left on the shelf to collect dust. I was too busy working for wages, volunteering for over time for more wages and after all that, abundance was still to be earned.
So back to action – It began as a thought in my mind, then it became a plot, then I was thinking of the protagonist, gradually other characters emerged…and before I realised I had a story in mind. I search and researched- as my part of action. Now, is writing an action towards manifestation ? Yes, it is and I am so grateful to the Universe for blessing me with this ability. Now, I am ready to self publish my first story on Amazon Kindle at the end of this month, not to mention blogging which has introduced me to many beautiful human souls who are taking the same journey as me to fulfill their lives because they deserve it. The trick is -* Don’t get obsessed with your desire so that it makes you miserable * Don’t remind yourself of depravity as the reason for desiring more * Feel happy and if it means by thinking of your desire, do it.
Next, my aim was to determine, for me, what is the much ado behind the ‘Let Go’ theory, and I realised that I had already let go a lot – my old non-working beliefs, un-productive practises that were blocking rather than assisting in my manifestation, releasing all pent up negativity on daily basis and practise thinking positive consistently, love myself and thank Universe for blessing me with calm and peaceful aura.
I found, for sure, that ‘Let Go’ DOESN’T mean ‘to forget ‘ – I would love to meet someone who can remind himself/ herself to forget. A human mind is not programmed to remember to forget. I’ve also let go of any theory that doesn’t resonate with me.
So, I continue to invest in to the ‘ how’ . But the ultimate action still will be completed by the Universe. God motivate us to act towards our desire first, and in doing so we earn the blessings of the Universe. It’s this blessing of the Nirankar enwrapped in generosity, that will manifest an abundant life. Universe can, of course, decide what will become the reason for the windfall. So you need to show committment by working towards your manifestation, but not necessarily through 0900-1700, as there are other uncountable action points to follow. Find out by digging deep inside to discover appropriate deeds for yourself. Don’t leave the whole ‘How’ to the Universe to figure out. God help those who help themselves. Also, don’t push your dream away in the name of ‘ let go’. Every time you think of yet a better life, you should feel it in your veins – yes the goose pimples you will get are blessings of and endorsement by the Almighty. Feel it all day or only sometimes or may be once is enough for an exceptionally aligned person. In short, YOU own how you will keep your desire close to your heart. But each time your desire taps your soul, it should automatically trigger a smile on your face to confirm your belief in it. Let go of all that doesn’t resonate with you. Above all, keep it simple and be happy. You are destined to be blessed. Don’t forget to thank Universe and also pat yourself on the back for taking the responsibility.

Invent your own technique, which works for you

Choose your own fragrance

Over a period of time, I’ve listened to and read many Law of Attraction coaches, motivators and speakers. I learnt more techniques and methods than the desires I aim to manifest. Being a beginner, I practised a lot of these methods- some worked but some just don’t do what it says on the tin for me. I am going to talk about a few techniques which didn’t work for me and before they totally frustrated me, I found my own method which worked and I thank Universe, the Nirankar, for showing me the right path. I also want to stress on the fact that the following findings are purely from my own experience, and might not resonate with all. The Two glass technique– Its based on using two clear glass tumblers and sticky labels – to write your current position and stick it to one of the glasses. Then write what you desire on the second label and stick to the second glass. Now fill the first glass with water, contemplate with real focus for about 2-3 minutes about why and what you don’t like in your current situation (reason to change circumstances), then pour out water in to the second glass with your desire written on the label. Focus again for 2-3 minutes on how would you feel/ what would you do etc with changed situation. In the end, drink this water, and based on the fact that water has memory and carries energy, it will be consumed with positive memory about your desire, now sent to your sub-conscious mind. My view: LOA is all about thinking and feeling positive all the time. Practise to create a positive mind set prior to desiring and obviously, manifesting. that’s why we meditate and ground our inner self first . So, spending 2-3 minutes concentrating and focusing on negative situation that you want to change is quite the contrary to the basis of LOA, especially with water in the glass which is memorising it all. Then pour it out and start creating positive vibes from your own creation of negative memory in the first glass is , frankly, pointless. No wonder, it didn’t work. But I was not disheartened. I pursued with what made sense to me – water has memory and most religions in the world practise ceremonies and rituals involving water, which is also considered to be sacred. We have rivers Urubamba, Jordan, Osun or Ganges, as few examples. For me, water is essential for life and I am creating a better life for myself. So I Tweaked the technique : I used only one glass, filled with water and labelled it with what I desired to manifest. I focused and prayed to the Omnipotent, the omni energy- The Universe. I felt happy while focusing on the prospect of manifesting my heartfelt desire. I desired to be able to leave my job at the time, which to me, was becoming a source of negativity due to the nature of my role. But while focusing and meditating with the glass of water, I didn’t, even once, thought of why I so wanted to leave the current job. My big question was financial sustainability if I was to leave. Then, Voluntary Redundancy came through at work, unexpectedly, and I was able to leave. Thank you Almighty. 555 Technique: This technique works on the principle of writing your desire 55 times for 5 days regularly without a gap. My view : Needless to say here- it did not work for me either. Then I also thought about a lot of those people who might not be able to read or write, due to various reasons like, medical reason. Also those who might be doing lots of overtime, dependents at home, etc etc can’t afford a lot of time required to write continuously at length without break , for the technique to work. So I Tweaked the Technique: I meditated, I focused and wrote my desire only once. Once again, I emptied my mind of all other thoughts except what I desired. This time I prayed for meeting up with a friend I had lost contact with due to long distance between us. I left the how and the when in the capable hands of the omnipresent. I received a phone call with in a week from my friend to tell me that she is visiting UK with her family and would like to meet up for a catch up. How wonderful! Thank you again Universe, my Akal Purakh. Thank Universe 21 times before sleeping Technique : Thank Universe 21 times before going to bed daily, so your dreams will be influenced with positive message and when you wake up, you would already be in a happy state of mind- ready to manifest. My View: Why limit or stretch thanking to 21 times ? Actually, why put any number to it at all? So I Tweaked the Technique: I always remember to thank the Universal energy, sometimes only once when I first wake up: ‘Thank you Universe for my life.’ Other times, I might thank Universe for all other blessings I have been bestowed, ‘Thank you for happy family life’, ‘Thank you for health’, and so on. I don’t count, but use my energy in feeling my gratitude, not stressing about numbers…was it the 5th thanks or 6th now…I thank sincerely and it makes me feel happy within and that’s what counts, at least for me. There are other techniques that I have either discarded completely, or as I’ve said here ‘tweaked’; however, the aim of my blog is not to challenge any technique/practice/ritual, but to share my experience with hundreds of my fellow manifesters, who might not yet be getting the success they are hoping from LOA, and are learning just like me. It’s nice to have an idea as a beginner and supportive guidance, no doubt. It’s like learning to ride a bicycle- you need the initial support from your parent who is an experienced rider, then you fall, then you pick yourself up and then you ride to where you’ve marked your destination. I feel that spiritualism is a very individual journey, and LOA is certainly part of this spiritual quest. I believe that its alright to listen to others with experience, however remember not to be afraid to invent your own path, if it resonates with your heart and mind. It’s all about how you feel inside while executing any action towards manifesting your desire. I thank the Universe for showing me my path, which is right for me. The only technique I need now is to meditate with undivided focus on my desire, and feeling happy and content while desiring