A story about the sign from the Universe

I know ‘what’ to desire and ‘how’ to desire, so what now? I suppose I need a sign/a symbol from the Universe to affirm manifestation, I thought. Hence, I started with meditation, as usual , and connected with my desire, to really feel it in my veins – the sensation of goose pimples, the excitement of a racing heart, the feeling of an involuntary smile and a compulsive sense of excitement. (Reference: Meditation technique that worked for me). 

Now, it was time for the next elevation- feel my manifestation itself. While connected to my inner self, my sub-conscious, I desired for a symbol from the Universe as a sign of blessing – a prologue to my hymn of manifestation. I wished for seeing a ‘rainbow’ ! 

I kept my eyes peeled in search for that multi-coloured band amongst the cloud, in the clear sky, on tele screen, in books I was reading; but I did not find the precious rainbow anywhere my imagination, my eyes or my ears could take me. 

Once again, I invoked my sub-conscious and asked the question and it responded- Not getting an apparent sign, is also a SIGN. It means that as per the design of the Universe, its not yet the time to receive- as simple as that. I continued with my meditation to dig further in to the connotations of this response. Here it is- I needed to show my commitment to my desire further, by finding out the right frequency within, to align with the Omnipresent. I was satisfied with this, but deep down somewhere was still craving for a sign to bless this conversation with my sub-conscious. 

The same afternoon, I went to the superstore for shopping, and suddenly there it was! The sign from the Universe, the blessing of the Almighty- A cake with a rainbow on top! I had been to this supermarket a thousand times, but had never ever seen this design on cake before. I came home and turned on the tele; news was on and guess what? It was weather forecast on the screen with a huge rainbow in the background! Just then postman delivered letters and amongst the pile was a promotional pamphlet on womens health, with rainbow on its cover!!!   – I got my satisfaction, as also a clarification that the Universe was communicating with me all the time- when I couldn’t see the sign and when I did see the sign. 

The Universe has left up to us to figure out the ‘WHAT’ , but the ‘HOW’ and the ‘WHEN’ is up to the universe to decide. So, you can do what I am practising- meditation, gratitude, affirmation, visualisation and then thank some more. You could have some other routine on your mind, so carry on with what satisfies your belief- but please remember, Universe will deliver when you are really ready to open that door to receive the package.  

Happy manifestation.