Karmic Responsibility begets karmic growth

I’ve touched on the topic of karma in my previous post on Cause and Effects and I would like to expand the theory  further –  Karmic Responsibility and Growth of Humans as individuals and as species.
Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘action’ and has evolved from meaning rituals, including the act of sacrifice of another being as per Hindu Vedas to modern interpretation of, ‘ Every man is the architect of his own life’- in other words, Law of Attraction. Not just the deeds by hands but thoughts, feelings, words uttered and even silence constitutes Karma.  However, the theory has another aspect, deliberately ignored for our false purposes in life – an act of an individual can impact life of another and collective deeds of a group can affect the collective survival of others. There are many good and bad examples from our infamous and glorious human history to prove this theory. There is so much happening around us currently as if we’ve opened our eyes to it for the first time but in reality, nothing is new as what is occurring is an over-spillage of our complacent thoughts and self-obsessed actions for centuries. We are still rubbing our eyes and yawning before waking up fully. It’s time to act and readjust our expectations from self and others. In other words, widen the horizon of your mindsets by clearing the brain fog and erasing the dividing lines drawn out of ignorance. A personal prejudice is born out of preconceived beliefs drilled in to our psyche by the family, community and society nurturing the bias character without a conscious awareness about it. This is the lurking snake in the Eden. Believe me even a killer has a subdued and befuddled virtue under the inebriety of corruption. Every individual has a reptile within own garden, the test is in avoiding the poison.
In spiritual sense, if one is at a lower vibrational level, then we attract sadness, anger and false jubilations, but higher vibrations create happiness and peace within and around. It’s like listening to radio- if you are tuned in to the frequency of self-obsession and prepossession then you create a negative aura but catching the right waves would play the direct broadcast from the Universe. So, ground your fickle mind and question every act and decision you make and see the consequences of your karma in the moral light to achieve the right state of mind.
Any participation in an act to harm someone for own benefit or out of mere habit is a burden that most of us are carrying on our conscious in varied proportions. Be aware of it and beware of it. If your wish is based on the corrupted ideology of, ‘ I am only desiring to be beneficiary of a theft but I am not the thief’, then be corrected- your karma of responsibility should prevent you from partaking in wrong actions or decisions by another as you too are attracted to the same low vibrations and such a desire cannot be manifested to fulfil your life.  So, when an individual take upon himself to act discriminately, it is called a personal karma begetting a personal comeuppance. When a community, a society, a nation become unjust and oppressive, it builds a collective karma and degenerates the whole collaboration of humanity. According to the Karmic law of responsibility action is not always direct or in active state but even a passive participation in such regression constitutes karma. Once you know the truth and begin to face your own demons, you cleanse and grow as individual.
When you recognise your responsibility towards own self and others, your karmic growth shall progress as follows:
1. Start with open and honest communication with self, without defence mechanism or veils. In this chat with Self question every aspect of your current life and what you desire. Once your conscious has cleared your intentions you proceed to the next stage.
2.Believe in yourself and God who has created you.
3.You are now ready to desire. Start with meditation and offer gratitude to God for your inner growth.
4. Visualise your new positive aura in relation with the environment around. Make the world better for yourself and others around with cleaner thoughts and actions.
5. Believe in the new world and thank the Universe for guiding your path.
6.Visualise your own desire amidst positive vibrations.
7.Believe in manifestation of your wish leaving the ‘when’ and the ‘how’ in the benevolent hands of the Almighty.
Every drop join to make a sea and this deed of a drop is called individual karma but an ocean symbolises a collective karma of water. It’s time to join hands to build tides to quench the parched land of humanity.